Client Consumed by the Process

The Challenge – Client Consumed by the Process

Our client, a national healthcare company, had been handling the entire contract labor program and process internally. Panther provided this client a strategic solution that would allow them to have transparency in their program without having to dedicate extensive internal resources to manage this program. The contract labor program consisted of $20 million in spend, hundreds of contractors, numerous locations and dozens of suppliers.

The Panther Group Solution

After performing a full analysis of our client’s entire program and suppliers, Panther felt the implementation of our VOP program was the perfect solution. With our program, we were able to institute a workforce solution that entailed an enhancement of the existing VMS and the engagement of a trusted staffing partner with a proven track record.

The Outcome

This removed the management of the contract labor force from our client to the VOP program while freeing up vital client internal resources. It reduced the number of suppliers used, provided standardization, increased the rate to hire and reduced the attrition rate. It provided our client new, customized and enhanced reporting capabilities. It provided a risk mitigation program enabling the entire workforce to be tracked from onboarding until the end of assignment. Additionally, we introduced a new timekeeping system that integrated into the existing VMS, providing improved accuracy in time keeping and reduced costs. We also brought in a new partner with improved capabilities that reduced the number of suppliers utilized from five to a single supplier.