New Office and New Geographic Location

The Challenge – New Office and New Geographic Location

Our client, a Global Fortune 100 life insurance company, was faced with the challenge of opening a new office in a new geographical area. They needed assistance in staffing the entire office. Additionally, their challenge was filling the office with the top 5% of the talent within that industry and to build a team with senior leadership for that location. Panther introduced its Recruitment Process Outsourcing solution to this client.

The Panther Group Solution

After reviewing our client’s staffing dilemma, Panther took ownership of their entire recruitment process to staff this new office and location. We engaged an RPO team with extensive market and client knowledge. Our team provided an on-time and standardized recruiting process providing our client with the market’s top candidates. Our RPO team secured the necessary top talent for this client while helping to avoid business interruption at their other sites.

The Outcome

Panther successfully installed its recruitment process outsourcing solution. It provided our client with substantial hiring cost savings by reducing the cost per hire, standardizing the hiring process and eliminating the use of third-party search companies. It also reduced the time to hire, increased hiring proficiency and streamlined the onboarding process. It gave our client, access to the market’s top 5% of the candidate pool as requested.