Our Core Values: Value #4 Transparency

The Panther Group Core Values transparency v2

Transparency is an absolute core value at The Panther Group. As experts in human capital, we strive to partner with job seekers to help them find a job that will help them advance their careers. When we partner with clients to help them meet their hiring needs, we’re making sure we help them fill their […]

Build a Thriving Culture for your Hybrid and Remote Teams

Many businesses are recognizing the benefits of building a competitive company culture that embraces hybrid and remote strategies. Whether it’s something that your company can or wants to adopt, the workforce of tomorrow may expect more remote and hybrid job opportunities. A study done by Global Workplace Analytics estimates that 56% of W2 workers could […]

5 Principles of Effective Hiring

As you surely know, the hiring process can be quite complicated – not to mention costly to your organization. Simply put: The longer it takes you to find the right candidate, the more downtime your company will experience. Not only does this downtime equate to a loss of true productivity, but it also means a […]