Why Developing Your Communication Skills is so Important For Your Career

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Developing your communication skills is one of the single most important things you can do to set and keep your career on the right course. Whether you’re interviewing, networking, or presenting at a meeting, or developing your team, the ability to communicate effectively is paramount. 3 Types of Communication 1. Verbal Your use of language […]

7 Career Development Tips

Career Development Tips _ The Panther Group

Are you just starting off in your career?  Are you a few years in? Are you a veteran in your industry? Do you know what it takes to grow your career strategically?  Here are a few career development pieces of advice that we recommend examining further. 7 Career Development Tips 1. Plan on Learning Strategically […]

What Are the Career Benefits of Talking With A Recruiter in the Dallas Area?

What Are the Career Benefits of Talking With A Recruiter in the Dallas Area? The Panther Group

What Are the Benefits of Working with a Recruiter in the Dallas Area to Find a Job? Networking Always Benefits Your Career Recruiters Are Quickly Alerted to New and Top Job Opportunities A recruiter partners with both the job seeker and employers for a better fit You’ll typically have more opportunities Looking for Job Recruiters […]

Our Core Values: Value #4 Transparency

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Transparency is an absolute core value at The Panther Group. As experts in human capital, we strive to partner with job seekers to help them find a job that will help them advance their careers. When we partner with clients to help them meet their hiring needs, we’re making sure we help them fill their […]

Tips For Working in a Hybrid or Remote Job

Tips For Working in a Hybrid or Remote Job The Panther Group

Have you been hired at a company that’s employed you in a 100% fully remote position or a job where you are remote part of the time and on-site at least part of the time? There are some best practices for successfully navigating a remote or hybrid job.    3 Tips For a Successful New Hybrid […]

3 Tips For Finding a Great Job in Milwaukee and Surrounding Cities

3 Tips For Finding a Great Job in Wisconsin The Panther Group

44% of people currently employed, nationwide, are looking for a new job!  If you are one of those people looking for jobs across the country, you’re clearly not alone.  While loyalty to a good employer is commendable and can be a great career move, finding a new job, the next step in your career, is […]