Recruitment Challenges? Diverse Leadership at Every Level Raises the Bar

Diverse Leadership at Every Level Raises the Bar The Panther Group

According to Boston Consulting Group(BCG), Diverse management teams lead to 19% higher revenue. BCG research also showed that diverse companies (not just in leadership roles) are 70% more likely to capture new markets. So, How Can An Organization Make Sure Its Teams (from top to bottom as well) Are Diverse? 1. Develop a Culture that […]

2022 Employer Gift Guide for the Holidays and Beyond

Holiday Gift Guide from The Panther Group (1)

Looking for ways to show that you appreciate your employees during the holiday season and beyond? Here is a quick-hitting employer gift guide with some helpful insights and ideas. 5 Gift Giving Ideas for Employers to Give to Employees 1. Brand New Company Branded Swag: The key? Don’t give the same swag every year.  Come […]

The Next Level: Deepen Your Commitment To Diversity Recruitment in These Four Areas

Deepen-Your-Commitment-To-Diversity-Recruitment-in-These-4-Areas-The-Panther Group

Diversity recruitment builds a quality workforce that meets legal requirements and maximizes your bottom line – creating a positive impact on both business and the community. With ever-changing demographics requiring companies to adapt to a more broad-minded staffing model, it’s never been more important to plan a DEIB strategy that is deeply effective. Here are […]

Diversity Recruitment Best-Practices For A New Era

Diversity Recruitment Best Practices for a New Era - The Panther Group

Whether your business has been engaged in diversity initiatives for a while or you’re just beginning to recognize the advantages of an inclusive workplace, you may wonder if you’re doing everything you can to build a diversity recruitment practice. A common occurrence is for employers to say they want to hire diversely but seem to […]

5 Ways To Coach Your Team To Set Effective Goals

Setting Goals - The Panther Group

Success is the combined result of many factors—hard work, dedication, teamwork, failures and mistakes, accountability, and adjustments. This is true in sports, business, and relationships. Without a goal to work toward, it is easy to get off track, waste effort and accomplish nothing. If you manage employees, it is part of your job to guide them in the goal-setting process. Here is how to teach, coach, and manage employees to set great goals.   5 Tips For […]

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