Why is Good Talent (Sometimes) Hard to Find?

a blog images shows a magnifying glass showing why it is hard to find great employees

In today’s competitive job market, companies across various sectors, including legal, engineering, accounting and finance, life sciences, and IT, are often confronted with the challenge of finding the right talent. This issue is not limited to a specific level of employment but spans across call center agents, administrative roles, and up to director and C-suite […]

Employee Engagement: The Cornerstone of Workplace Excellence

a team enjoys a virtual lunch n learn together, many of whom were recruited by The Panther Group

In today’s competitive business landscape, attracting and retaining top talent is crucial for the success of any organization. A robust strategy that encompasses employee engagement, company reputation, and strategic recruitment practices can set the foundation for achieving this goal. This blog explores how enhancing employee engagement and company reputation plays a pivotal role in hiring […]

Talent Acquisition and Retention Tips For the Busy Team Lead

As a manager of a team, you know how important it is to have the right people on your team. But finding the right talent can be a daunting task. The job market is constantly changing, and it can be challenging to keep up with the latest recruitment trends. In this blog, we’ll share some […]

Struggling To Recruit Top Talent? (You’re Not Alone)

Struggling To Recruit Top Talent_ (The Data Says You're Not Alone) _The Panther Group

The current job market is proving to be a challenge for many companies looking to hire top talent. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruptions in the labor market, and the number of open positions has increased dramatically. As a result, many companies are struggling to find qualified employees to fill their vacancies. In this blog, […]

What Can Leadership Do to Connect With Employees and Increase Engagement?

A business team solving problems because Panther was able to help them find the right professional employees!

Employee engagement is a crucial aspect of any business, as engaged employees are more productive, motivated, and loyal to the company. According to Gallup, “active disengagement” has risen over the last decade. The report stated that 2022 is, “the lowest ratio of engaged-to-actively disengaged employees in the U.S. since 2013.” Here are 7 Tips for […]

The Value-Adds of Having a Strategic Recruitment Partner

What's The Real Value of Having a True Strategic Recruitment Partner? The Panther Group

Businesses are only as profitable as their ability to find, hire and retain talent to accomplish goals. Many companies employ their own HR and recruitment teams.  Some outsource these tasks.  Some businesses find that working with a staffing and recruitment firm on a more strategic level truly becomes the best option for them.  With a […]

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