Tips For Sourcing Talent in 2023

A woman presents a new and better talent acquisition strategy to her company after partnering with The Panther Group

Sourcing talent is one of the most important tasks for any business or organization, regardless of the industry. In 2023, the job market is expected to be even more competitive, making it challenging for companies to find the right talent to fill their roles. Fortunately, there are various staffing agencies and companies that can help […]

What’s The Benefit of Hiring People With Specific Soft Skills?

What's The Benefit of Hiring People With Excellent Soft Skills? | The Panther Group

Hiring? Looking for professionals with the right skill sets? Sure, you need those hard skills to be put to work for you and your business, and yet, we often overlook or are subtly unaware of soft skills that talent has or does not have. There is often talk of hiring for culture fit, but culture […]

Why Does Worker Misclassification Matter? How Can You Reduce This Hiring Risk?

Why Does Worker Misclassification Matter_ How Can You Reduce This Hiring Risk_

Using independent contractors (IC) makes good business sense. Among the many benefits, use of independent contractors can free professional staff for mission-critical responsibilities and enable short-term use of specialized resources, which may not be available normally. Many businesses choose to classify certain workers as ICs rather than employees to: Avoid payroll-related administrative costs Avoid fringe […]

Is Your Company Culture Attracting the Younger Generations?

Is Your Company Culture Attracting the Younger Generations_ The Panther Group

Younger generations often get a bad rap when it comes to their work ethic, preferences or just about anything else. But the truth is, they aren’t a bunch of lazy, entitled kids. They are strong, entrepreneurial and resilient. Their career-related needs and goals are often different than those a bit farther into their careers. As […]

Succession Planning: Shaping New Leaders For Your Company’s Success

Succession Planning The Panther Group

Over the life of a business, it’s not unusual to focus primarily on growth and getting day-to-day work done. Then one day, before you know it, the company’s principals come to realize that they will not be there forever, nor do they want to be. But how can organizations effectively pass leadership onto the next […]