Support Your Managers To Help Them Lead More Effectively and Develop Inclusive Cultures

Develop Your Managers To Lead More Effectively and Develop Inclusive Culture The Panther Group

As the talent market has become more challenging and it has become more difficult to hire, organizations are turning to an oft-neglected resource – their internal staff. But as much as promoting from within can be a smart strategy, it can require companies to develop skills new managers may be lacking. Even those who seem… Read more

Looking For Employees For Professional and Admin Roles? Panther Can Help!

Looking For Employees For Professional and Admin Roles? Panther Can Help! The Panther Group

In today’s competitive market, it can be tough to find the administrative talent you need. Right now, it seems there are more jobs available than there are people to fill them. That’s where The Panther Group can assist. We have an extensive talent network of active and passive candidates for your professional and administrative temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire jobs. The recruiting team… Read more

Don’t Miss Diversity When Engaging In A Direct-Hire Search

Don't Miss Diversity When Engaging In A Direct-Hire Search The Panther Group

When recruiting for a direct hire position, you’re likely to start with an extensive list of must-have and like-to-have requirements for your new hire. When you’re making your list, be sure diversity is near the top. Diversity can bring a lot to your organization. That’s why it’s important to make it a priority. Why Is… Read more

These Are the 3 Characteristics of Someone Who Works with The Panther Group

At The Panther Group, we like to take the time to highlight the efforts of our team. Whether they do their jobs in our workplace or yours, these are 3 of the reasons why our team is so fantastic! Thank you team! 3 Characteristics We Value At The Panther Group Characteristic #1:  Expertise Our staffing… Read more

Why Is It So Hard To Find Top Professional Talent?

Quick question: Has your HR department found it a bit difficult to find highly-qualified individuals who fit well within your organization? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. According to a recent study conducted by Monster, 67% of recruiters say it’s harder than ever for them to find top-level talent nowadays. In other words, more than two-thirds… Read more

Why You Should Do What You Do Best – And Outsource Your IT Recruiting

As you surely know, the efficiency with which your company runs depends largely – if not solely – on the quality of your employees. But, as you also surely know, finding high-quality employees isn’t exactly easy. Recruitment is a rather time- and resource-consuming process – especially in the highly-competitive realm of IT. That said, you… Read more

HR Risk-Mitigation Rules

The difference between a successful company and a not-so-successful one often comes down to the company’s ability to avoid – or at least minimize – the amount of detrimental occurrences it encounters throughout its daily operations. While avoiding risks entirely is an expensive, resource-consuming undertaking (that may or may not be effective in the long… Read more

3 Tips for Reducing Your HR Workload

As you’re probably aware, your human resources department is an inherent cost to your company as a whole. It doesn’t serve to create revenue – but it certainly can cut into your profits if it’s inefficiently run. For this reason, it’s important to determine ways to streamline processes within your HR department in order to… Read more