Transitioning Veterans: A Guide to Securing Civilian Jobs

Semper Gratus! We are forever grateful for your military service! Transitioning from military service to the civilian job market can be a challenging process. This guide aims to provide you with valuable tips and guidance as military veterans seeking civilian employment opportunities. It covers essential aspects such as crafting an impressive resume that highlights both […]

The Power of Professionalism: How it Impacts Your Career Growth

a man sits at his desk

As a leading recruitment firm, we understand the importance of professionalism in the workplace. It’s a crucial aspect of building a successful career, yet it’s often overlooked or undervalued. In this blog post, we’ll explore the power of professionalism and how it can impact your career growth. 💡The Impact of Professionalism on Career Growth: Statistics […]

20 Books That Can Help You On Your Success Journey

Job hunting can be a challenging and stressful process. From polishing your resume to acing the interview, there’s a lot to consider when trying to land that dream job. However, one thing that many job seekers overlook is the importance of continuous learning and professional development. Reading is a great way to expand your knowledge […]

An Entrepreneurial Spirit Can Help Your Job Search

A professional woman standing in an office building after landing the job she wanted.

As a professional, you likely understand the importance of having an entrepreneurial spirit when it comes to starting your own business. But did you know that this same mindset can also help you in your job search? Whether you’re currently unemployed or simply looking to make a career change, having an entrepreneurial spirit can give […]

What Should Be in a Modern Resume?

When putting together or redoing your resume, consider these points!

Having a strong CV or resume is essential when it comes to standing out from other candidates and securing a job. These items can help: tailoring your resume for a job, highlighting achievements, keeping it concise, utilizing keywords (well), and getting feedback from someone you trust! Here are some strategies that can help you improve […]

New Career? Here are 7 (ish) Career Move Tips

New Career_ Here are 7 (ish) Career Move Tips The Panther Group

Are you looking at career options? Are you thinking of switching careers or job roles? Are you just looking for a new company in a new city? Here are some pieces of advice that we see to be essential to a career move. How To Search for Jobs in Today’s Market: 1. Do Your Research […]