Career Advice For 2021 and Beyond

Career Advice For 2021 and Beyond | The Panther Group

The past year changed nearly everything about how we think about life, work, and planning for success. As you progress through 2021 and find a new equilibrium, it only makes sense to take some time to ponder your career. What do you want the next five, ten, twenty years to look like? What can you… Read more

How Has Finding A Job Changed in 2021?

How Has Finding A Job Changed in 2021? The Panther Group

As we begin to get back to normal or at least find a new equilibrium after the pandemic and recession of 2020, you’ll notice the job market has changed. There will be more remote positions available and a greater focus on safety among both employers and job candidates. Your search methods should take these changes into… Read more

Still Looking For A New Position? This is the Perfect Time To Partner with A Staffing Firm

Still Looking For A New Position? This is the Perfect Time To Partner with A Staffing Firm - The Panther Group

If you are seeking a new professional opportunity, you know what a challenging time it is. Some industries are suffering, while others are thriving. The economy and the job market have never been more unpredictable. The coronavirus has the business community in flux. Depending on the industry or location, companies may have employees working on… Read more

Empower Yourself To Grow Your Career

Popular culture is full of stories of people who wake up one day to find that they are not leading the kind of life they want. Typically, these are people who got swept up in the day-to-day obligations and commitments like family, for example, or they fell into a position that seemed like a decent… Read more

How Can You Be More Creative at Work?

When people discuss creativity, they often believe it is a quality limited to artists, but that is not the case. Any time when you are innovative or resourceful, you are creative. Scientists working on a cure for diseases are creative. Engineers are creative in solving problems. Even individuals with careers in business are creative. It is evident when they develop new approaches… Read more

Taking it Remote: Ramping up Quickly When Working from Home

Remote work has grown increasingly common in recent years. And why not? With improved technology making it seamless, many employees can work from home, or even traveling the world as digital nomads. But most remote workers have a choice. They’ve had training, the opportunity to set up a home office and created systems that allow… Read more

Every Journey Started With That First Step. How Can You Start a New Career Well?

A career change is exciting, but it can also be stressful. You want to ensure you are starting on the right foot, aligning with an industry that’s right for you, and can perform the job according to your new employer’s expectations. Every journey starts with that single, first step. Here’s how you can start a new career well.  These are the First… Read more

The Very Real Benefits of Writing Down a Budget

The first advice that any financial professional will give you is make a budget. Written budgets are proven to be effective. Seeing your finances on paper or in a spreadsheet makes it simpler to review your progress on financial goals. Consider these benefits to writing down a budget. Take Control of Your Money It can… Read more

Personal Finance Series: How to Plan for Unexpected Career Bumps

No matter where you are in the arc of your career, personal finances can be tricky. You’re constantly weighing your salary with benefits and flexibility and work-life balance and tax benefits, and other perks. That’s a lot to consider! And if you have an unexpected setback in your employment—a layoff, a restructuring, or a pay… Read more

What Characteristics of a Great Company Can You Spot in an Interview? 

There are a lot of ways to assess the company you’re applying to. You can read reviews, talk to people you know who’ve worked there, research its webpage and social media, and find out about its future health. And that’s all great to do beforehand, but there are some ways you can evaluate the company during the… Read more