7 Career Development Tips

Career Development Tips _ The Panther Group

Are you just starting off in your career?  Are you a few years in? Are you a veteran in your industry? Do you know what it takes to grow your career strategically?  Here are a few career development pieces of advice that we recommend examining further. 7 Career Development Tips 1. Plan on Learning Strategically […]

Interviewing For A Job? Nail These Types of Common Interview Questions!

Nail These Interview Questions | The Panther Group

If you’re searching for a new job you have your reasons, right? Before you get to the interview you need to do some prep work to be ready for certain types of questions. Being ready increases your confidence and your ability to communicate well during the interview. This allows you to make sure your “whole” […]

What Skill Sets Should I Spotlight in My Job Search?

What Skill Sets Should I Spotlight in My Job Search? The Panther Group

Looking for a job? Want to take your career to the next level? Great! So do many other people.  You’re in competition for jobs across industries and experience levels. What can you do to get your resume to stand out? Here are three ways to utilize your skills and proficiencies to improve your chances of […]

Labor Day Shoutouts! Thank You From Team Panther!

Labor Day Thank you The Panther Group

This is a shout-out to all the people who choose to trust The Panther Group as their career partner. Thank you for trusting us throughout the interviews, the onboarding, and ongoing communication. We know that it is not an easy process but we hope that we are able to make it just a little bit […]

3 Tips For Finding a Great Job in Milwaukee and Surrounding Cities

3 Tips For Finding a Great Job in Wisconsin The Panther Group

44% of people currently employed, nationwide, are looking for a new job!  If you are one of those people looking for jobs across the country, you’re clearly not alone.  While loyalty to a good employer is commendable and can be a great career move, finding a new job, the next step in your career, is […]

Capture Your Personal Energy to Maximize Your Career

Capturing Your Personal Energy to Maximize Your Career The Panther Group

If there is one universal common among employees at all levels it is that people are tired and burned out. The pandemic didn’t cause the current sense of overwhelm, but it didn’t help. People who were out of work had plenty of time to contemplate their futures. Those who were overworked may have wondered if […]