Effective Leadership During Times of Change, Crisis or Uncertainty

A Leaders is taking her team through change

Leadership during uncertain times can be a challenging task, but it is also an opportunity for leaders to show their true colors and make a positive impact on their team and organization. During times of economic and social uncertainty, employees and managers alike face different challenges and elevated stress. As a leader, you have the […]

6 Ways You Can Better Care For Your Employees

6 Ways You Can Better Care For Your Employees The Panther Group

We’re nearly two years into the pandemic, and many employers are still trying to balance caring for family members with their full-time jobs. Everyone knows parents struggle to find reliable and affordable care for their young children, but caregiving can take many forms, including parents, elderly or disabled extended family members, and special needs children […]

Practical Reasons Why You Need To Build a Culture of Resilience Into Your Business

You Need To Build a Culture of Resilience Into Your Business - The Panther Group

In any business, change and stress are inevitable, but the ability to bounce back is what can keep your business and employees healthy and thriving. A culture of resiliency is one with a positive outlook without tipping over into toxic positivity. It supports spending more time solving problems than complaining about them. It keeps people […]

Effectively Implement Flexible Workspaces and Schedules

Previously, when the topic of flexible workspaces arose, thoughts turned to innovations like modular meeting spaces, focused work pods, or hot-desking. But, in the time of coronavirus, the reality has changed. Now it’s less about maximizing space and more about keeping employees healthy and productive. Start by assessing your available workspace and determining how many […]

Transparent Business Partnerships Build More Than Trust

Transparent Business Partnerships

Companies were once inscrutable. Making decisions in secret the double doors of their boardroom, but times have changed. Increasingly businesses recognize that the advantages of confidentiality are outweighed by those of transparency. They find that by being open and honest with the public, they built trust with employees, partners, and customers, leading to better relationships.    […]

5 Benefits of a Strategic and Consultative B2B Partnership

Whether they are business owners or managers in larger organizations, those in leadership positions tend to be entrepreneurial and independent. If you are part of this group, you make it a priority to be a resource for your superiors and direct reports, but who is available when you need guidance or assistance. Forming strategic and consultative B2B partnerships can provide benefits you may miss when you go it alone.  […]