Training Your Team Effectively in 2021: How Adults Learn Best in a Remote World

The Panther Group - Training Your Team Effectively in 2021_ How Adults Learn Best in a Remote World

As remote work becomes more commonplace, businesses are taking a step back and considering methods that take a proactive, strategic approach to including  work-from-home options. Many companies acted quickly to pivot to remote work during the pandemic, but such this reactive approach often led to a patchwork solution, which was better than nothing, but not ideal.   Now, leaders have time to develop a more […]

How Do You Measure the Productivity of Your Remote Workers?

Remote work has become increasingly common in recent years. With the spread of the coronavirus, the number of individuals working from home has grown exponentially. Still, but because this increase was so sudden, many employers did not have time to lay the groundwork for managing what can be a fully remote workforce. Now that remote […]

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