How to Attract, Recruit and Hire Professionals Who Build Your Company and Community

This image shows a woman interviewing another woman for a leadership role at an Law office. The candidate was sources by The Panther Group.

In today’s competitive market, recruiting and hiring top-level talent is not just about filling a vacancy but about building a community within and around your company. The Panther Group, with its rich history spanning over three decades, understands the essence of integrating company culture and employee engagement into the recruitment process. This approach not only […]

The Vital Role of Mental Health in Professional Growth, Workplace Dynamics and Organizational Success

a team works on a high stress project together, and does it with the support of each other and their company.

In today’s high-stress work environments, the importance of mental health cannot be overstated. Forward-thinking companies are increasingly recognizing that investing in mental health initiatives is not just an ethical duty but a strategic advantage that leads to substantial organizational benefits. First, A Message to Our Valued Clients’ Employees: Managing Your Mental Health in the Workplace […]

Mental Health in the Workplace: A Year-Round Priority

An HR professional sits with an employee.

May, recognized as Mental Health Awareness Month, highlights the crucial role of mental well-being in the workplace. The health of employees doesn’t just impact their personal lives; it’s a vital business concern influencing productivity, career growth, and workplace culture. The importance of mental health in professional settings cannot be overstated, with implications that ripple across […]