Attracting New Employees: 6 Key Factors for Success

a business team reviews business goals and recruitment strategy with The Panther Group

To attract skilled individuals to join your organization, it’s crucial to understand what prospective employees value most. In this blog post, we will explore six key factors that can help you attract new employees and build a talented and dedicated workforce. These 6 factors were identified in a McKinsey report in April 2023 as the […]

The Next Level: Deepen Your Commitment To Diversity Recruitment in These Four Areas

Deepen-Your-Commitment-To-Diversity-Recruitment-in-These-4-Areas-The-Panther Group

Diversity recruitment builds a quality workforce that meets legal requirements and maximizes your bottom line – creating a positive impact on both business and the community. With ever-changing demographics requiring companies to adapt to a more broad-minded staffing model, it’s never been more important to plan a DEIB strategy that is deeply effective. Here are […]