Your Recruitment Playbook Needs a Flexible Staffing Partnership

A boss starts a new relationship with The Panther Group to better staff her company.

In the ever-evolving landscape of talent acquisition, finding the right staffing partner is crucial to staying competitive and agile. If your organization is seeking top-notch talent in professional roles, such as engineering, accounting, finance, human resources, life sciences, or information technology, it’s time to consider a staffing firm that goes beyond the one-size-fits-all approach. Welcome […]

What Kind of Services Do Staffing Companies Provide Employers?

What Kind of Services Do Staffing Companies Provide Employers? | The Panther Group

The Panther Group is a staffing and recruiting company that helps companies find and retain employees to solve their hiring and workforce management challenges. If your needs are temporary or permanent, one person or teams, our expert recruiting team will design solutions that best match your needs. Why Do Companies Use Staffing Firms? Companies use […]

What Do Job Seekers Want In A New Job?

What Do Job Seekers Want In A New Job? The Panther Group

We take polls, regularly, to gauge what job seekers are looking for in their jobs and sometimes what they are hoping to leave behind. One such poll made us really think.  For job seekers looking for jobs in the last few months, these are the top 4 things they are looking for. 4 Things that […]

Future-Proof Your Workforce Strategy

Future-Proof Your Workforce Strategy The Panther Group

Managers sometimes fear that if they train their employees, they will lose them. But that implies they would rather have untrained employees, which seems unlikely. They need to build a workforce that will be prepared for whatever the future may bring while seeing the value of remaining with their current employer and growing their career […]