Our Core Values: Value#6 Empowerment

The Panther Group core values empoweredv2

The Panther Group, serving the professional, accounting and finance, engineering, life sciences, information technology, and federal industries prides itself on its core values. These core values keep us focused on our mission—to staff your company and help you with job searches. The core values keep our team motivated and are the reason we get up […]

Future-Proof Your Workforce Strategy

Future-Proof Your Workforce Strategy The Panther Group

Managers sometimes fear that if they train their employees, they will lose them. But that implies they would rather have untrained employees, which seems unlikely. They need to build a workforce that will be prepared for whatever the future may bring while seeing the value of remaining with their current employer and growing their career […]

Hire Quickly Without Sacrificing Quality

As you surely know, the process of hiring new employees and bringing them aboard is typically rather time-consuming. Of course, the longer the process takes, the more downtime your company will inherently experience. On the other side of things, speeding up the process for the sake of decreasing this downtime can cause you to make […]

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