Balancing Act: Flexibility and Stability in Modern Workforce Planning

A man is doing workforce planning and projections, knowing that he'll partner with The Panther Group to find top talent

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, the workforce planning strategies of yesteryears no longer suffice. Companies are faced with the challenge of maintaining a delicate balance between flexibility and stability to remain competitive and adaptive. As a staffing firm with expertise in recruiting across various industries, we understand the importance of striking this balance […]

The Importance of Mentoring

Business owner mentoring another professional

Mentoring is an essential aspect of professional development for individuals at all levels of their careers. A mentor is a more experienced individual who provides guidance, advice, and support to help mentees navigate the challenges and opportunities of their profession. Here are a few key reasons why mentoring is so important for professionals: Why is […]

6 Ways to Recruit and Retain Top Employees This Year

Professional woman standing in her office, ready to improve her business's recruitment and retention strategy

According to LinkedIn Talent Solutions, the top 6 reasons why people stay with a company really focus on growth within that company.  If you’re looking to recruit and retain top talent in 2023, these items can impact your recruitment strategy, company culture, and bottom line. 6 Ways to Attract and Retain Professionals in 2023 1. […]

What Work Needs To Be Done in Order to Retain Employees?

What Work Needs To Be Done in Order to Retain Employees? The Panther Group

Are you looking for strategies for retaining the best of the best in your workforce? These three items impact your organization’s ability to hire great employees and keep them: Hiring Practices, Transparency and Communication. 3 Ways To Improve Your Employee Retention Numbers 1. Evaluate The Equity of Your Hiring Practices From an employee’s perspective, if […]

Payrolling Can Be An Excellent Choice For Employers With Complex Hiring Needs

Payrolling Can Be An Excellent Choice For Employers With Complex Hiring Needs | The Panther Group

What is payrolling and how does it benefit companies with complex staffing needs? 1. Payrolling is a service that some staffing firms are sometimes able to offer as a part of their workforce solutions. The service essentially outsources payroll and accompanying processes to the staffing firm. This type of arrangement may include functions like: On-boarding […]

Our Core Values: Value#6 Empowerment

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The Panther Group, serving the professional, accounting and finance, engineering, life sciences, information technology, and federal industries prides itself on its core values. These core values keep us focused on our mission—to staff your company and help you with job searches. The core values keep our team motivated and are the reason we get up […]