• Decentralized Contract Labor Process- The Challenge – Decentralized Contract Labor Process Our client, a global consumer product manufacturer, required a strategic partner that could provide them vision into a decentralized contract labor pool as well as control of the process. The current process was being managed separately by both the HR and Procurement departments. HR worked directly with some… Read more
  • Client Consumed by the Process- The Challenge – Client Consumed by the Process Our client, a national healthcare company, had been handling the entire contract labor program and process internally. TPG provided this client a strategic solution that would allow them to have transparency in their program without having to dedicate extensive internal resources to manage this program. The contract… Read more
  • Risk Mitigation – Employee Classification Compliance- The Challenge – Risk Mitigation Our client, a national company, had been utilizing independent contractors and consultants at an alarming rate and came to TPG to give them a solution. Our client needed a solution that would allow them to meet IRS guidelines and to remain compliant with their use of independent contractors and consultants.… Read more
  • Maverick Spend and Exorbitant Markups- The Challenge – Maverick Spend and Exorbitant Markups Our client engaged TPG to collaborate and establish a solution for their current temporary labor program. The program had no restrictions, bill rates or contracts with any of their existing suppliers. This allowed for manager maverick spend and exorbitant markups by the suppliers. After our initial analysis… Read more
  • Contract Labor Billing Issues- The Challenge – Contract Labor Billing Issues Our client, a product manufacturer, had an internal staff of six employees solely dedicated to processing the billing for their contract labor program. They had over 75 existing suppliers and processed the billing for all of their suppliers on a weekly basis. Their current payment cycle for their… Read more
  • Risk Mitigation – Employee Misclassification- The Challenge – Risk Mitigation Our client, a healthcare provider, utilized a significant number of Independent Contractors and Consultants. TPG provided our client a solution that would eliminate the risks of using these I/Cs and consultants with our Payroll Services solution. The Panther Group Solution The basic risk comes from the misclassification of such workers.… Read more
  • New Office and New Geographic Location- The Challenge – New Office and New Geographic Location Our client, a Global Fortune 100 life insurance company, was faced with the challenge of opening a new office in a new geographical area. They needed assistance in staffing the entire office. Additionally, their challenge was filling the office with the top 5% of the talent… Read more


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