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Enabled by our Core values, we live out the tenets of sustainability

Social – Environmental – Governance

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As the world continues to change, individuals and companies continue to adapt to new challenges.  We are a partner and resource to both career-minded individuals and organizations looking to grow

To better navigate these changes and relationships in an ethical and sustainable manner, we are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially in these three key areas: Environmental, Social, and Governance.




Our Role in Society

As a Corporate citizen, The Panther Group proactively engages in activities and actions that promote the health, safety, engagement, and sustainability of our staff and within our business community.

Panther’s commitment is to “Make a Positive Impact” in everything we do and with whomever we interact. For us to fulfill our mission, we believe we must do more than ensure our financial success. Panther must also make substantial contributions to society and to the environment that sustains our lives. That commitment to integrate economic, social, and environmental factors into a sustainable business strategy is at the core of whom and what we are.


The Panther Group is committed to active engagement within the communities that we operate. As such, Panther volunteers at food banks and food drives, park and city clean-ups activities, inner-city athletic events, as well as providing financial donations and support to community organizations.

Investing in the Environment

The Panther Group has several company-wide environmental programs including a trash recycling program, and an energy efficiency program to reduce the emission of greenhouse gas emissions through the company’s energy usage. We have incorporated a hybrid-model work environment, further reducing our carbon footprint and as an additional investment in reducing Panthers negative impact on the environment.

Additionally, Panther has drastically reduced our use of paper materials, further reducing our reliance on products made from natural resources.

Our Commitment to Accountability

Although Panther is taking the necessary steps towards improving our environmental performance, our approach to Environmental Sustainability isn’t just about bricks and mortar. We firmly believe that we have a significant role to play in positively changing personal behaviors, creating a culture of environmental awareness, and encouraging individuals to consider the environmental impact of their actions, purchases, conduct etc. We aim to do this by winning the hearts and minds of our staff and then moving to positively influence our customers because sustainability relates to the continuity of economic, social, institutional, and environmental aspects of human society, as well as the non-human environment.

We Are Rooted in Our Core Values

Through better corporate governance, business practices, and benevolence initiatives we’ve dedicated ourselves to living in alignment with our founding core values because we understand that they are our foundation to stand on.

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Our Name Says it All!

Read more about how our core values drive our business here.

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