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Four Essentials Your Resume Must Have

A well-written resume can pave a path to success – and a poorly written one can stop you in your tracks.

While it’s easy to point out a badly written resume when you see one, pinpointing exactly what makes an exceptional resume stand out is a little more difficult. Generally, though, effective resumes all share the following qualities:


If your resume looks like it was slapped together at the last minute, employers aren’t going to waste their time reading it – no matter how impressive its contents are.

In addition to organizing information by category (such as education, work experience and skills), you should ensure the information listed is streamlined. Think of your resume as you would a college essay; include only information that contributes to the document’s overall theme and purpose.

Be consistent in your word usage and voice. If the flow of your resume is disjointed, prospective employers might assume you’re easily distractible and might be a liability.

While creating a well-organized resume won’t guarantee you an interview, a disorganized one will guarantee you don’t get invited in for one. Keep this in mind when putting yours together.


It’s been said that recruiters take six seconds or less to decide whether or not to spend more time reading a single resume.

In other words, you need to get their attention quickly.

To do so, create your resume with a sense of urgency. Catch your reader’s eye with keywords relating to your education, specialties and accomplishments.

The quicker you dive into the important information, the greater your likelihood of getting noticed.

Specific Skills

When writing your resume, give yourself the credit you deserve. Be confident in your abilities, and state them with pride.

Avoid cliches. Recruiters have read the phrase “responsibilities included” thousands of times. Rather than focusing on tasks you performed in a previous position, focus on what you as an individual brought to the table.

Be sure to mention your soft skills, too. Even if the job you’re applying to doesn’t relate to past positions, you’ve likely picked up a number of transferable skills that can be used in your future career. Make sure your prospective employer knows you understand this.

Specific Accomplishments

Instead of wasting their time with a laundry list of what your “duties included,” discuss what you actually accomplished in your previous positions. Be specific. For example, instead of saying you were “in charge of loss prevention,” state how much money you saved your company through a specific initiative.

If you don’t back up your claims, you’ll come off like a braggart. By providing evidence of your accomplishments, you appear confident and ready for your next challenge.

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