Why Choose The Panther Group?

Discover what sets us apart from other staffing and recruiting companies.

We’re The Experts In Human Capital

It starts with one. A single point of contact works closely with you, attracting and delivering the right talent, connecting professionals with hiring managers, developing creative staffing and management strategies.

With a hands-on approach and a history of building lasting relationships, The Panther Group is a full-service staffing firm with an innovative approach. Whether you’re interested in exploring temporary accounting and finance jobs, government contract jobs, IT temp positions, engineering temp jobs, or anything in between, we can help.

The Panther Group Brings You:

  • Access to a network of highly qualified candidates.
  • 30 years of staffing service experience.
  • Single point of contact, no matter the vertical.
  • Diverse, minority-owned and certified company.

The Jobs We Fill

If you’re interested in temp work for the flexibility or simply because you want to try out a new industry, you’ve come to the right place. Our temporary job agency matches you with the right employer who can meet your needs and help you grow your career. We work in a wide variety of industries, including:
From contract administrator jobs and accounting temp jobs to federal contract jobs and beyond, we match temporary and contract talent with employers who value their contributions.
Looking for temp accounting jobs, temporary engineering jobs, temporary contract jobs or a smart way to fill them?

Be our next success story

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