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Take the Risk Out of Hiring

The Panther Group is a staffing and recruiting company that helps businesses quickly solve their hiring and workforce management challenges. Whether your needs are temporary or permanent, one placement or a full team, our recruiting experts will design a solution that helps you achieve your strategic goals.

We know that a bad hire is an expensive hire. That’s why we work hard to understand your company culture and unique goals. Our team focuses on total fit and alignment for every placement, ensuring our employees add real value to your team.

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Our Services

Temporary/Contract Staffing

Manage executive and professional absences with interim and contract staff. The Panther Group offers highly skilled and specialized talent for short- and long-term projects or busy periods with our clients.


Lower hiring risks when hiring for critical impact federal positions. Evaluate a professional on the job at your location before extending an offer. During the trial period, the candidate remains our employee until you’re ready to commit to a permanent hire.

Direct Hire/Executive Search

Streamline your search for proven leaders. Top talent isn’t easy to find and attract – particularly when it’s not the only item on your to-do list. The Panther Group can recruit, screen and interview candidates to your requirements, even reaching out to passive candidates. You’ll select from a small group of well-vetted premium professionals, saving you the time and headache of reviewing resumes and interviewing subpar candidates.

Managed Staffing

Improve operational efficiencies with a centralized staffing solution. Our managed staffing services increase profitability and improve performance while streamlining your staffing and management functions. The Panther Group handles every administrative task, including preparing job requisitions, managing your staffing supply chain and temporary workforce.

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