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What You Should Do If You Think Your Current Job is Not the Right Fit

Most of us have been there: The realization that your current job just isn’t fulfilling you as it once was. Or, even worse, that it’s never been as fulfilling as you thought it was in the first place.

Either way, once the feeling hits you, you just know you need to move on as soon as possible. Of course, if you’re unsure of where to head next, the prospect of leaving your current position can be just as nerve-racking as staying on board. While your fear of the unknown isn’t necessarily unwarranted, you never know how great everything could turn out if you never make a move at all.

With that being said, here’s what you should do once you realize your current job just isn’t for you.

1.  Don’t Ignore The Feeling

As we alluded to, the worst thing you can do is ignore the fact that you’re feeling unfulfilled in your current position. Even if you’ve only just begun to feel the creeping suspicion that you’re going down the wrong path, it’s important to pay attention to these uneasy feelings you’re having.

Your goal at this stage should be to pinpoint exactly why you’re feeling the way you are. Maybe you’re not feeling challenged, and believe you could do so much more in your professional life. Maybe you’re not making as much money as you know you could be making. Or, maybe you’ve just become bored in your current position and are looking for a change.

Whatever the case may be, you need to figure this out before you go any further – otherwise you may unwittingly end up in a relatively similar situation in your next job.

2.  Look, But Don’t Leap

If your feelings of unease and frustration have reached a boiling point, it can be tempting to just up and quit your current job and focus all of your energy on finding a new path.

Don’t do it.

Yes, you absolutely should begin dedicating more of your free time to finding a new job or career. But you definitely don’t want to burn bridges and paint yourself into a corner by leaving your current position without warning. Not only will this leave you without income, but it’ll also cause you to lose potential references once you begin applying elsewhere.

You’ve stuck it out this long; stay strong and recognize that the anxiety and frustration you may be facing is only temporary, and that better times are just over the horizon.

3.  Get Ready, and Go For It

Once you know for sure you’re going to change courses, there are a few things you’ll need to do to get ready.

First things first, you’ll need to update your resume. No matter how long it’s been since you’ve updated it – be it a few months or a few years – you should definitely revisit your resume in order to tailor it to the position you’re currently looking for. Consider looking at sample resumes for said position, and perhaps even starting a brand new document from scratch; this will ensure that you don’t leave unnecessary or superfluous information in the document that prospective employers simply don’t care about.

You’ll also want to revisit any letters of recommendation on file, and consider contacting the individuals who wrote them to see if they’d be willing to amend their letters based on the position you’re currently seeking.

Lastly, you simply need to put yourself “out there.” If it’s been a while since your last job interview, this can be a pretty daunting task – but, given the choice between staying in your current position and heading for greener pastures…well…I’m sure you know which is the right path to take.

Are you looking for a new job?

Taking the time to go through the steps above will be helpful when meeting with a recruiter. Our recruiters here at The Panther Group will be further equipped to help make a match for your job pursuit. Contact us to find a new job!

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