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Best Practices For Writing A Resume For A New Job in The Accounting Field

Best Practices For Writing A Resume For A New Job in The Accounting Field - The Panther Group

Whether you lost your job in the pandemic or are ready for a new opportunity, you’ll want to make sure your resume presents you in the best light. Your resume’s purpose is not to get you a job, it’s to land you an interview, so it must be concise and intriguing. Your cover letter can be a little longer and be used to point out your specific qualifications for the job posted. Your resume gives you the opportunity to be clear on what you have to offer.

Reworking Your Accounting Resume?

Start with the numbers

As an accounting professional, you know numbers are significant, so the points you make must be quantified. Wherever possible, provide specific statistics and metrics to show what you have accomplished in previous jobs. It makes it easier for hiring managers to assess your experience and compare your qualifications to other candidates.

Don’t forget soft skills

Accounting is an integral part of any work environment. Employers are looking for accounting professionals with analytic and critical thinking skills as well as attention to detail. You may also be asked to work as part of a cross-functional team or communicate your knowledge to people who don’t understand accounting. The ability to effectively communicate without jargon can set you apart from the competition.

Customize for the job you want

Because just about any industry requires accounting help, there is no limit it the kinds of environments you can choose to work in. Use the language in your resume to show you will be the right fit for the organization you wish to join. As easy as it is to customize your resume to each job opening, there’s no excuse to send a one size fits all resume in response to an ad.

Adapt to hiring technology

Carefully review the terminology used in the job post and adjust the wording you use in your resume to match. Most employers perform preliminary screenings using an ATS (applicant tracking system) which scans incoming resumes to see how closely they match the job requirements. It’s essential to plan for your resume to make it through this system before you even get to a decision-maker who may have some discretion in making employment decisions.

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