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What Does the Equitable Workplace of the Future Look Like?

What Does the Equitable Workplace of the Future Look Like? The Panther Group

As companies move forward in their commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), it will become a more integral part of the workplace and the decision-making process. Companies are recognizing that DEI has a significant positive impact on the business, with research indicating that highly inclusive companies outperform their less inclusive competitors. How can organizations develop a strategy to become a truly inclusive and equitable workplace? 

An Equitable Workplace Examines Current Practices and Takes Meaningful Action

Fully integrate Your Workforce 

Making an effort to hire for diversity shouldn’t mean focusing exclusively on entry-level or dead-end jobs. Especially if your DE&I efforts are several years old, equitable representation should be evident throughout the organization – from the mailroom to the board room. Review employee career paths. Are they being considered for promotions at equal rates? Are their attrition rates excessively high or concentrated in those reporting to a specific manager? 

Examine Wage Inequality 

Across the board, wage transparency has grown more transparent in recent years. This development can be helpful in ensuring pay equity. Be sure pay rates are determined by experience, performance and the competitive environment, not the ability of a candidate to negotiate their pay or subjective perceptions about how much employees of specific genders or other groups need or deserve.  

Increase Focus on Mentoring 

Formal mentoring programs have been shown to be instrumental in helping employees from underrepresented populations navigate the workplace more effectively. There is no better way to help employees overcome systematics disadvantages in the workplace than having someone who has been through the same experience show them the ropes. 

Remove Barriers Through Education 

The lack of opportunity for many marginalized employees often includes a lack of access to training and other resources that can help people advance their careers. Even candidates who have the degree or other training that qualify them for a position may not have the soft skills that can help them succeed in the organization, such as leadership, effective communication or how to work with other departments. Empower people by providing equal access to education to level the playing field and set them up to succeed. 

Partner With The Panther Group   

Panther is more than an accounting, IT and engineering recruitment agency; we have the experience and resources to help you take your DEI efforts to the next level. Our flexible staffing and recruiting solutions can help you find the proven talent you need to create a more inclusive and successful  business environment. As experts in recruiting, managing, and training employees, Panther can help you find professionals who will thrive in your organization and have a positive impact on your business. Contact us today to learn how a partnership with us can benefit you.

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