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Available Jobs: Tips For Applying To the Right Jobs

Available Jobs: Tips For Applying To the Right Jobs and Getting a Response The Panther Group

There is no shortage of available jobs right now. On the one hand, that gives job-seeking professionals a competitive advantage, but on the other, you don’t want just any job – you want the right job. Instead of being dazzled by the sheer number of jobs you see online, take a strategic approach to your search. Consider where you are now and where you’d like to go.

If you’re in a position where you really need a job, you can still put yourself in a stronger position to negotiate your terms. For example, if you’re currently out of work, you can stay in the black with temporary or contract work. It will keep a steady income coming in so you can take your time finding the ideal position rather than settling on whatever comes along.

Temporary-to-hire jobs offer the flexibility of temporary work but, as a bonus, have the possibility of turning into a full-time job offer. This is an ideal option if you have a specific employer in mind – particularly if the company is challenging to get into. It’s also suitable for job changers or those with issues in their job history, such as an employment gap. If an employer has doubts about you, temporary-to-hire lets you prove yourself firsthand.

If you are a passive job seeker —you don’t really need a new job but could be persuaded under the right circumstances – what would it take for you to make that move? Are you looking for more money, a leadership position, or the next step up the career ladder? Are you hoping for a work from home opportunity? Do you want to relocate? Do you need better work/life balance? What are your must-haves, like-to-haves and dealbreakers? Once you’re sure about what you want from your next job, you can plan your approach.

Application Tips

1. Identify the Pay Rate or Scale

2. Double Check the Job Location

 3. Explore the qualifications (but don’t cut yourself out of the running too soon)

4. Screen Your Experience Past the Responsibilities

5. Apply with the easy buttons (This is a simple way to apply and usually takes only a couple of clicks maximum)

6. On your phone? You can apply without a resume, but have one ready for later on. (Submitting a resume upfront is the best if you have easy access to it)

7. Not an absolute perfect fit?  Apply anyway.  When we begin a conversation with you, we get to know you first, then we’ll potentially match you with a role that’s possibly a better fit.

8. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Skip the search and send us your resume to get the conversation started! HERE


Here are a few of the most effective strategies for finding the right job.


It’s common to hear that you’ve got to know someone to get a good job. Sometimes that means your uncle will hire you into the family business even if you have no experience, but much more commonly, it refers to filling jobs through networking and referrals. Just as if you need a new doctor, you’ll ask friends and family if they can recommend someone, many employers hire this way as well. It’s not that it’s a club that’s hard to break into; it’s a matter of who would you rather hire? A stranger or a candidate who comes highly recommended by your best employee? How can you use this tendency to your advantage? Know more people. Start by making sure everyone in your circle knows you’re looking for an opportunity, then expand your circle. Connect with more people on LinkedIn and with recruiters who specialize in your industry. Follow your favorite companies to see what they share or when they post new jobs. Comment on posts and participate in conversations. Join groups on LinkedIn, industry associations and local organizations and stay active in them all.


Volunteering can be a great way of growing your skills and meeting new people. It’s also an egalitarian environment. If you are helping in a soup kitchen or helping to build a house, the person working next to you could be at the bottom of the career ladder or seated in the boardroom. Treat everyone you encounter with respect, pull your weight and be cheerful. You may be able to get a job with the organization, meet someone who is hiring or can pass your name along or just feel a sense of personal fulfillment that can translate to greater success on the job.

Working With Recruiters

Some jobs are never posted on the internet because employers choose to hire through a third-party recruiter. While recruiters are compensated by the employer, it’s in their best interest to ensure a positive outcome for you as well. They want to put the best person in front of the company’s decision-maker. Theirs is a relationship of trust. If the recruiter provides stellar candidates, the employer is more likely to offer repeat business. The recruiter will want to get to know you well, so they will ask you plenty of questions. You may feel a bit like you’re being grilled, but it’s a two-way street. You can ask them whatever you want, and it can be a little easier to be completely frank with them. Ask them what you really want to know about the job, company, and your manager. They will help you prepare for the interview so you know what to expect and can do well. They can provide feedback from the interview and, if all goes well, help negotiate compensation.

Ready to Take Your Career to the Next Level? Panther can help. 

At The Panther Group, our recruiting team has built relationships with a wide range of employers, many ready to hire now. As an accounting, finance, engineering recruiting agency, we can help you reach your goals. Contact us today to get started!

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