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Panther Cares Supports WhyHunger in New York, NY

The Panther Group - Panther Cares - Why Hunger

What Is Panther Cares?

Each year, people from our team nominate nonprofits for our organization to support financially.  At The Panther Group, we’re proud to support organizations that are working to make our communities better. Through Panther Cares, we make that happen! Below is one of our 2022 nominations that we are very proud to support!

What is WhyHunger?

Why Hunger is a 501c3 organization that was Co-founded by Harry Chapin as an organization created to provide financial and support solutions designed to end world hunger and poverty. WhyHunger has received the highest rating of four stars for excellence in fiscal management, accountability, and transparency from Charity Navigator.

WhyHunger provides the critical financial, educational, and material resources, and supports those grassroots movements and community solutions that are geared to addressing the social, environmental, racial, and economic injustices that allow global hunger and poverty to continue.

Their activity brings together musicians, celebrity chefs, restauranteurs, radio, television, movie celebrities, and organizations, who all lend their services to raise monies throughout the world, Why Hunger provides the resources and support to those disenfranchised individuals and families who are in need, helping them to learn, and then on their own power be able to change their lives and those in their community.

For example, through Imagine There’s No Hunger, WhyHunger inspires children to engage themselves and their families as active participants in growing food in their school yard, establishing community farms and developing sustainable agroecological production methods.

WhyHunger is ensuring that children and their families will have lasting access to nutritious food via long-term, sustainable solutions that rebuild local food and farm economies. The human right to nutritious food in the U.S. and around the world is a basic human need that all who are able should address in one form or another.

Why Hunger is a charity with a mission that is in sync with Panther Cares’ philosophies and we are proud to support it.


Want to know more?

You can explore more about Panther Cares, the organizations we support and more about our culture on our Panther Cares page.

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