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Great Examples of What Equity Looks Like in Today’s Workplace

What Equity looks like in Todays Workplace The Panther Group

As a leader in a company you have the responsibility and opportunity to influence equitable processes and practices. While it is often a complex process and not always a perfect one at that, the payoff is worth it. If your company truly focuses on providing an equitable experience and culture, you’ll be able to attract better and more diverse talent, which promotes innovation and progress. If you’re looking for solid examples of where to start, here are a few.  

3 Ways To Address Equity in the Workplace  

Equitable Compensation Practices  

Pay equity is a great place to start. Begin by creating transparency on pay structure and what impacts promotions whether it’s employee performance, team accomplishment, productivity, or other factors. By starting with transparency, you’ll have the opportunity to address bias and move toward more equitable pay for your employees.  

Equitable Access  

Fair access to all of your employees is the next step.  Whether it’s access to company resources, spaces, communication channels, or even their managers, access can impact the career trajectory of an employee. If your company has a hybrid approach to work or has some employees who are on-site and some who are remote, making sure that they have the same access to resources and company initiatives can be vital to your culture and your employees’ productivity.  

Employment Equity  

Start with your job descriptions. Remove terms and phrases that are ambiguous around pay, work arrangements, and location. Be specific with pay structures, type of work, and expectations. Next, take a look at your application process to make sure that people can apply in a variety of ways including ways that accommodate visual and other physical disabilities. Is your website ADA compliant? How about your onboarding process? Are you losing talent to other companies simply because your hiring practices and tools aren’t inclusive?  

Looking for a Staffing Partner that Can Help You Develop a More Equitable Workplace?  

If you partner with The Panther Group you’re able to take advantage of our expertise as a staffing firm that has a diverse group of candidates ready to work and available when you need them.   

As a global company, Panther understands the importance of an inclusive workplace 

We value the differences that each of our employees and clients brings – and strive to make The Panther Group a better place to work for our team.  

Supplier Diversity. The Panther Group partners with a diverse supplier base that includes minority, woman, 8(a) certified, small disadvantaged, veteran, and disabled veteran business suppliers to meet the needs of our clients.  

MSP Diversity. Equally important, our Managed Service Provider (MSP) programs allow us to provide a diverse supplier base for our clients.  

Procurement Diversity. Our commitment to diversity extends to the vendors we use internally. We seek diverse suppliers for the goods and services we need for our own business needs.  

Supplier Mentorship. The Panther Group owes much of its success to a broad diversity program and early mentoring partnerships. We pay it forward by providing the same to other diversity-owned businesses. Our mentorship program is designed to help emerging diversity businesses successfully compete in the marketplace.  

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