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A Staffing Firm That Offers Excellent Recruitment and Employment Services in the Dallas Fort-Worth Metro Areas

The Best Staffing Firms and How They Offer Excellent Recruitment and Employment Services   The Panther Group

Your best Choice for a staffing firm in Dallas:

  1. Has the capabilities to service your current and future needs
  2. Has a culture that is founded on strong values and nurtures their brand (because they will then represent you!)
  3. Is able to help you source diverse and innovative employees
  4. Employs modern recruiting services to help you stay competitive

What To Look for in A Top Dallas Recruitment Firm  

1. Capabilities and Reach 

When searching for the right staffing firm to partner with, you need to know that they can actually deliver. This means they should have the right experience and resources in your industry and expertise in recruiting for the types of positions you’ll need filled.  

To see an example of a top national recruitment firm’s capabilities, click here.  

2. Examine Their Values  

Each staffing firm lives by a set of values whether they state it or not. You often can check out their core values on their website (Here are ours). You can even get a feel for their values by checking out their social media sites and public reviews. Pay close attention to their responses to negative reviews especially. Every business gets them. How they respond is a good indicator of their values.  

3. A Strong Commitment to Diversity  

A commitment to diverse recruiting strategies is now a must. While there are staffing firms that don’t take the time and effort to network, recruit and hire underrepresented professionals, the ones that do have better reputations and better business practices overall  

4. Modern Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding Practices  

Many recruiting firms are stuck in the past, searching for talent as the inquiries come in. A truly top-notch national staffing firm is going to have talent pools ready to go to help you ramp up your operations. These pools are consistently being fed by recruiting streams and targeted recruiting strategies on social media, email, and other platforms. Their recruiting, hiring, and onboarding teams are going to be streamlined in their approach to providing you with the best talent quickly. If you’re looking to really streamline the process, utilizing a Staffing Firm to organize all your vendors into an MSP model can make it much easier to ramp up operations when needed, as well as meet your business goals more quickly.  

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Why Partner With a Fort Worth Staffing Firm for Your Next Professional Job and Career?  


Top national staffing firms connect with and network with companies consistently. This means that they are on the front end of new jobs that are on the market and can connect you with these opportunities even before they hit sites like Indeed.  

More Opportunities  

Your ability to find opportunities is limited to your ability to your personal network. Top national staffing firms already have connections with companies that are growing and in search of your skills.   

 Career Movement Not Just a New Job  

If you apply for a job with a national staffing firm and make a connection with one of their recruiters, the opportunities are endless. As you navigate your career, the recruiter has the data and career opportunities that may be able to connect you to new opportunities when you are ready to advance your career to the next level. Experts agree that elevating your career almost always comes down to networking. A national recruiting firm does the networking for you and can connect you with companies at each step in your career.  

Better Job Fit  

When you’re looking for a new job, there is always the question, “can you do the job with the skills and experience you have.” This is a personal question but also one that the recruiter and company will ask. If you partner with a recruitment firm like the Panther Group, you are more likely to find that fit.  

Our Professional Recruitment Areas of focus include

Human Resources Staffing / HR Staffing

Office Staffing

Legal Recruitment

Recruiting Specialist Sourcing

Executive Assistant Recruitment

Recruiting and Staffing Services for Customer Service Representatives


How Do I Get a Job With an Agency or Staffing Firm in Fort Worth or Dallas?  

Research their jobs online  

You can find most national staffing firms’ jobs on public career sites but the best place to research them is through their own websites and career portals.  

Apply Via a public job board and best of all through their website Career Portal  

Applying through public sites may be a quick and easy way to apply for a job, but applying on their company’s website and career portal may get you a quicker response and help later on.  

Follow Up With a Phone Call (Communicate Effectively!) 

Following up on an application submittal is the best practice. Even back “in the day”, dropping off your resume and application was always followed up with a quick phone call. The best national staffing firms should be able to connect you with an actual person on a phone call. This personalized touch is what separates many staffing agencies from the top staffing firms.  

Apply to Several Jobs that May Be A Good Fit  

When you apply for a job on a staffing firm’s career portal, look at the other jobs that they have listed. There may be more than one job that you could be a good candidate for. Apply to each of them and let the individual recruiters do the screening. Additionally, top recruiting firms usually utilize application screening tools that help them better match applicants to specific jobs. If you apply to several jobs that could be a good fit, you increase the odds that you get a job.  

Looking for a job? Research and Apply to Opportunities Here

What Should Be A Part of Your Diversity Strategy with a Recruiting Firm in Fort WorthSourcing Diverse Candidates - The Panther Group

  • They Have a Diverse Workforce Themselves  
  • They believe in Supplier Diversity  
  • As an MSP, They Should Utilize Diverse Vendors  
  • Procurement Diversity is a Must!  
  • A Focus on Supplier Mentorship  


What Services Do The Top Recruitment Agencies in Dallas Recruit For?  

  • Professional Staffing Services  
  • Careers and Recruitment Services in the Life Science Industries | Life Sciences Recruitment
  • Engineering Workforce Solutions
  • IT Talent and Solutions
  • HR Staffing 
  • Accounting & Finance Recruitment
  • They Are Able to Provide Diverse Government Staffing Solutions  
  • They Employ a Variety of Workforce Solutions Options  
  • Careers in the Legal Field  
  • Some provide services in the Healthcare industry and other sectors.  


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What Workforce and Staffing Solutions in Dallas Will Work For My Companydirect hire the panther group

Temporary and Contract Staffing  

When you have absences, our interim and contract staff can help. We provide highly-skills and specialized talent for short and long-term projects or busy periods with our clients  

Temporary or Contract-To Hire   

Lower your risks when hiring for critical federal positions. During the trial period, the candidate remains our employee until you’re ready to commit to hiring them permanently (or not).  

Direct Hire and Executive Search Services  

Streamline your search for proven leaders. Attracting top talent isn’t easy, especially when you’re balancing the rest of your business needs. The Panther Group can help you recruit, screen, and interview candidates based on your requirements. We even source passive candidates to find the absolute best candidates for you.  

Managed Staffing Solutions  

With our MSP services, you’ll see improved operational efficiencies with centralized staffing solutions. With an effective msp provider and strategy in place, you may be able to:

  • Save money on vendor rates
  • Better organize your billing and recruitment technologies
  • Have higher odds of fulfilling your diversity program spending goals
  • staff your business centers and fill position much faster
  • maintain your culture of innovation

At the end of the day, your needs and goals come first.

A true partnership with a top staffing firm should not box in your goals to their preferred services, but rather focus on a customized strategy to help you meet your individual goals.

View our services here.  


What Can the Best Staffing and Recruiting Solutions in Dallas Do for My BusinessMSP services - The Panther Group

Streamline Your Dallas Area Talent Search  

Through ongoing sourcing and nurturing of talent pools, a national recruiting firm can find you the best talent more quickly. When you leave a position unfilled it can cost you a lot of money.  

Access Specialized Professional Skill Sets in the Dallas areas and surrounding communities.

Since we are constantly sourcing and nurturing relationships with a diverse and large group of professionals, we have access to a very large pool of talent. Our technology solutions allow us to narrow down that search in a matter of minutes to find qualified talent for your needs.  

Keep Up With Business Growth  

When you have the right talent in place, you can accomplish your business goals. When you don’t have the right talent in play, you’re slowly bleeding profits and progress. Since we have access to qualified talent, on-demand, we can help you find talent more quickly than you could on your own or with a small region search firm.  

Make the Most Out of Each and Every Hire  

When you have a variety of hiring options, you are able to make the most out of each hire and reduce your risk. Especially through our temp—to-hire and contract-to-hire services, you can reduce your hiring risk while making sure your business objectives are met.  

Is Going Through A Staffing Agency in Dallas Worth It?  

Short (and long) answer. Yes! As a company, you have so many options that take the pressure off of you and your team to constantly be sourcing new talent. As a job seeker and professional, this could be one of the easiest ways to gain access to many more job opportunities than you are personally able to network for. 

Working with a staffing firm can:

  • Reduce your overhead costs
  • control overtime pay
  • replace the need for short term staff
  • save you  money and time on recruiting, hiring and onboarding costs
  • give you better access to diverse talent networks
  • enable you to work with contractors before you offer full-time jobs, thus allowing you to “try before you buy” in some cases.

How Does a Relationship with a Staffing Firm in Dallas or Fort Worth Work?  

As a job seeker, you can apply to a staffing firm and they will match you and your skills up to job opportunities and companies that are hiring. As an employer, the best national staffing firms will partner with you to come up with the best solutions which may include  

Contract Staffing. 

Contract-To-Hire  You need people.  

Direct Hire  

Executive Search  

Managed Staffing and MSP Options  


Who is the Best Employment Agency?  

We are biased and think we are at The Panther Group! There are many other employment and recruiting firms out there, but we know that our services are world-class, we daily live by our core values, and our 30 years of business proves that our model is effective. With a 97%+ customer retention rate, the numbers don’t lie!    

Panther Can Help You Source the Right People for Your Culture and Business Goals. We can also connect you with the right and best jobs, nationwide.

When you partner with The Panther Group,  we make sure we get to know you, your business culture, expectations and goals.  We want to be a true business partner and resource for you.

As a workforce management partner, we offer flexible staffing solutions to help you adapt to a changing economy. As one of the most trusted engineering, accounting, and finance staffing firms, Panther can help you find professionals who will thrive in your organization and have a positive impact on your business. Contact us today.

We serve the following industries: Professional, Accounting & Finance, Engineering, Life Sciences, Information Technology, Federal.

Are you looking for professional staffing solutions? Contact us today! Call us, request an employee, or search our jobs.

We serve the following industries: ProfessionalAccounting & FinanceEngineeringLife SciencesInformation TechnologyFederal

CALL 855-899-JOBS (5627)

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