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New Career? Here are 7 (ish) Career Move Tips

New Career_ Here are 7 (ish) Career Move Tips The Panther Group

Are you looking at career options? Are you thinking of switching careers or job roles? Are you just looking for a new company in a new city? Here are some pieces of advice that we see to be essential to a career move.

How To Search for Jobs in Today’s Market:

1. Do Your Research and Be Ready! 

First, know your skillset and make sure your resume reflects your qualifying experience, skill sets, and transferrable skills. Then make sure you know the range of roles you’d be comfortable with. Know what kind of company you want to work for. Ask contacts you know in that company or industry to pass along any knowledge they think would be helpful. Be prepared for an interview at a moment’s notice!

2. Network

Social Media is a great place to start networking. You can actually start networking as early as 16 years old on LinkedIn. Building up the right connections as you go through college and meeting new people is a great start. If you’re moving from one career to another, go out and make new connections in the industry that you are looking to get into. 

Pro Tip: Follow companies in the industry that you want to get into. Then connect with people in those companies. Build that network!

3. Network Some More

Yep, networking doesn’t stop when you turn your phone off. Go to networking events like local commerce community events. You’d be surprised at how many people from across industries attend these types of events.

4. Network Some More 🙂

Many surveys have been completed that concludes that more than 80% of professionals find that networking is absolutely essential to their career and that face-to-face interactions are the most effective method. According to roughly 46% of people got their current position through networking!

This point is so important that we’re listing it a third time! 

5. Apply to the Right Jobs (After Doing Your Research)

Wherever you choose to apply for a job, don’t overdo it on volume. First, it may take up too much of your valuable time. Second, if you’re applying to a bunch of irrelevant jobs, your inquiry may be screened out even before you get a chance to talk with someone let alone a formal interview. The key? Apply to the right jobs. If you have networked with someone at a particular company that you want to apply to, reach out to that person to let them know you applied and politely request that they could pass along your inquiry. The worst they will say is no. 

6. Connect With A Reputable Recruiter

At The Panther Group, we hire experts in their fields who have already done the hard work to network. They are connected with some of the finest companies across the nation that are looking for top talent all the way from entry-level to experienced employees. From national polls, a significant 40% of folks find a new job with job boards and recruiters. This can be a very effective way to find the job you are looking for at the right cost, free. However, if you apply on a bunch of job boards, you may not get the results you want. Exploring our career portal and applying to specific jobs there, is often the best way to find the right job and land an interview.

7. Keep an Open Mind

While you may have your mind set on a certain job title, city, or otherwise, it can pay to keep an open mind. Our recruiters are connected with so many companies and opportunities that they may be able to suggest one or more other opportunities that you either didn’t know about or hadn’t considered that you may be a good fit. Being open to contract work can also be a profitable and free way to get into a new industry or career path. Panther offers many contracting opportunities as well as direct-hire full-time placements. It pays to keep an open mind in today’s job market!

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Are you open to a new job? Looking for a new career opportunity and want to connect with a recruiter at one of the nation’s most reputable staffing firms? We’d love to connect! 

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