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Recruitment Challenges? Diverse Leadership at Every Level Raises the Bar

Diverse Leadership at Every Level Raises the Bar The Panther Group

According to Boston Consulting Group(BCG), Diverse management teams lead to 19% higher revenue. BCG research also showed that diverse companies (not just in leadership roles) are 70% more likely to capture new markets.

So, How Can An Organization Make Sure Its Teams (from top to bottom as well) Are Diverse?

1. Develop a Culture that Deeply Values The Right Things

Hubspot’s Culture Code states that “culture is to recruiting as product is to marketing. Plainly stated, if you can develop an excellent culture, you’ll attract excellent talent. The same is also possibly true of the inverse. A culture that is divided, hostile, and unprofessional will struggle to attract and retain employees.

2. Increase Transparency Throughout the Organization

There is nothing so upsetting to an employee than to be overlooked for a promotion or pay raise for no discernable reason. Once the damage has been done, the trust you once had with an employee may not be recoverable and you can bet that it is not and will not be the only instance. Once you increase transparency around people, process, pay, position, and the like, the conversations will be different, the people more empowered (through knowledge), and the pressure on; the pressure to perform, the pressure to lead well, and the pressure for the whole team to work together.

3. Widen (and Deepen) the Scope of Your Recruitment Channels

If you’ve traditionally sourced by word of mouth, one or two university programs, or referrals, you may be missing out on some of the best talent around you simply because you haven’t opened yourself up to the possibility of another source. One of the benefits of partnering with Panther to find top talent is our longevity and connections. We’ve built up our networks of talent over the last 30 years across many technical and professional disciplines.  

4. Examine the Data

Take a clear look at your hiring practices and demographics across your company. It may be extremely easy to spot a pattern in your hiring practice, even on the surface. It may not. Continue to dig into your recruitment, interviewing, and HR process to see if you can spot ways to attract diverse talent that may get screened out unnecessarily. 

5. Empower Your People

If there are gaps in processes or better ways to find talent, your team may already know. Open the channels of communication to empower your team to take ownership of goals. This in turn, then impacts your culture. Your culture attracts talent with similar values and aspirations. 

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Looking for talent? 

When you’re looking for professional talent, you’re often unable to then achieve your goals. Growing a division? Do you need the right talent in place? Opening a new engineering office? You need new engineers and admin to make that office work efficiently. Have you recently acquired new books and new accounting staff to make sure you can service them all? Expanding your law firm’s services? You need the right professionals in place to support the team.

Attract and hire diverse and underrepresented talent.

Access diverse and specialized business partners through supplier diversity

Keep up with business growth by accessing professional skill sets faster

Make the most of each and every hire

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging are in our cultural DNA. Recruitment Strategy is our superpower.

The strongest workforce is one built on a foundation of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Panther Group works closely with employers to develop a proactive diversity recruitment strategy to help ensure you cast a wide net to find the best possible candidates for each open role.

It would be our pleasure to partner with you and your company to build a recruitment and workforce strategy that promotes a culture of true belonging, diversity, and excellence. We are a top national staffing firm with over 30 years of experience.

We provide recruitment and workforce services and solutions including MSP Services (Managed Service Provider), VOP (Vendor on Premise), RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing and Payroll, all in addition to our recruitment and staffing services. Our goal is to meet your needs and not one size fits all.

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