2020 Is Behind Us – What Did It Tell Us About our Careers?

HR Professionals Are on the Front Lines To Defeat Unconscious Bias - The Panther Group

For many of us, looking back on our 2020 personal and professional goals is mostly good for a laugh. Who could have guessed what 2020 had in store for us? If your goals were along the lines of “travel more” or “conduct more client meetings in person,” you may be feeling like a bit of… Read more

5 Attributes of A Team Player – Do You Have These?

5 Attributes of A Team Player – Do You Have These? - The Panther Group

Team players: job seekers claim to be one; employers say they want them. But what qualities constitute a team player? At first blush, “someone who works well with others” seems to be an adequate definition. That’s certainly part of it, but there is a little more to being a team player than that. Consider these… Read more

Tips for Adjusting To Remote Work Long-Term

Tips for Adjusting To Remote Work Long-Term - The Panther Group

In March 2020, when many of us were suddenly thrust into the world of remote work, we thought it would be just a couple of weeks and were willing to make do with whatever we had on hand. Now that it’s a long term or, for some, permanent workplace reality. That means that even if… Read more

Developing Your Career Takes Time, Investment, and Precision

Developing Your Career Takes Time, Investment, and Precision - The Panther Group

Throughout the pandemic, many professionals have taken the time to think about their careers. With a little extra downtime, It was the perfect opportunity time to consider how their career is progressing and assess  if it is moving in the right direction. For many, that meant refocusing on career development.   If you are one of the many individuals considering your professional development, you may wonder the… Read more

Work-Life Balance May Be Harder Than Ever to Achieve – Work-Life Integration May Be the New Normal

Work-Life-Integration, Not Work-Life-Balance - May Be the New Normal - The Panther Group

The key to finding work-balance is not just waiting it out when times are tough but making the best of the available time you have now. If you are working from home, you may have more job flexibility. That flexibility can have a downside. If you can work anytime, it’s tempting to work ALL the… Read more

Workplace Equity Issues Leaders Should Address This Year

Workplace Equity Issue Leaders Should Address This Year - The Panther Group

While workplace equity issues have been brought to the forefront, they are not new to the business world. It’s never been more critical for leaders to confront them in them head-on. The most important step is to recognize inequity. Some people don’t believe sexism or racism still exist because their manager is a woman, or… Read more

How To Find Your Strengths and Maximize Them In Your Personal Life and Career

How To Find Your Strengths and Maximize Them In Your Personal Life and Career - The Panther Group

When people begin their careers, their focus is often on simply landing their first job and getting to work. Their top priority might be getting a foot in with an employer or taking care of student loans, but they just put their heads down and get to work. They don’t take the time to take a step back and consider whether they are making the most of their… Read more

How To Take as Much Uncertainty Out of Your Career as Possible

How To Take as Much Uncertainty Our of Your Career as Possible - The Panther Group

Career uncertainty is normal right now. Companies are cutting back or going out of business. Others are overwhelmed by demand. In the face of all this, it’s only natural for employees to be anxious. How can you take as much uncertainty as possible out of your career? Focus on what you can control.  Career Tips That… Read more

Were You Laid Off? Here Are A Few Ways To Land a Great Job Now

Lost Your Job_ The Panther Group

The pandemic has hit people hard. Many professionals are out of work and scrambling to find their next job. But every obstacle brings opportunity. With the right approach, you just might come out of this pandemic better off than you went in. Here are a few smart approaches to try. 5 Ways To Land a… Read more

Uncover Your Career Potential with The Right Career Partners

Unlock Your Career With the right Career Partners - The Panther Group

When you start out in your career, you don’t always get a lot of guidance. You may decide on a career path with a high salary potential, one that essentially monitors your interests or skills or commonly, you can fall into a career, based on your first job. You may find that career path or your specific job are not… Read more