Creating Positive Change in a Business Requires Good Leadership and Adaptability

Creating Positive Change in a Business Requires Good Leadership and Adaptability The Panther Group

Change is inevitable in any business. Organizations that don’t adapt to change will fail to thrive and grow. How can you lead your team to see change as positive?  Change often makes people uncomfortable. Handled improperly, it can cause resistance. People get into habits – a “this is the way it’s always been done” mindset. How can you break your… Read more

Finance Recruitment Strategies that Work

Finance Recruitment Strategies that Work - The Panther Group

No matter what economic conditions may be, recruiting financial professionals is always a challenge. Their skills and experience are in demand and that demand is only growing. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts employment in finance to grow 5 percent from 2019 to 2029. You’ll need a strategic and targeted approach to identify and attract the right talent to your organization.   What recruitment strategies can you employ to compete… Read more

How to Find Top Accounting and Finance Talent Amidst Economic Uncertainty

How to Find Top Accounting and Finance Talent Amidst Economic Uncertainty - The Panther Group

The economy is uneven right now. Some sectors are thriving, while others are suffering. No matter where you fit on this spectrum, you can’t afford to be without accounting and finance talent. The challenge is finding the best people for your organization and decide the best way to add them to your team. Consider these… Read more

Sustainable Development Of Your Team and Business’s Diversity Goals

Sustainable Development Of Your Team and Business's Diversity Goals - The Panther Group

The modern workplace cannot be contained inside the borders of one region. In today’s inter-connected world, it makes no sense to leave exceptional talent on the table just because the individual is located on the other side of the country from the employer. The problem is this reality makes the job market even more competitive… Read more

Great Leaders Develop The Strengths of Their Team – Here’s How

Great Leaders Develop The Strengths of Their Team - Here's How - The Panther Group

When developing your team, leaders can focus on developing their strengths or overcoming their weaknesses. Unless they fall short in skills vital to performing their jobs effectively, it’s more positive and productive to develop their strengths. They will gain a sense of mastery and the ability to hone their expertise. 5 Ways To Develop Your… Read more

What Steps Businesses Took for Working With Staffing Companies During the COVID Shutdown

How Did Businesses Continue Working With Their Staffing Partners During the Shutdown? - The Panther Group

The pandemic and ensuing shutdown in many regions left many businesses in chaos. Staffing firms fortunately offered the ability to be flexible and respond quickly to unexpected change is part of their mission and business model. As companies struggled to adapt to the new reality and keep their organizations moving forward, staffing partners like The… Read more

Diversity Recruitment Best-Practices For A New Era

Diversity Recruitment Best Practices for a New Era - The Panther Group

Whether your business has been engaged in diversity initiatives for a while or you’re just beginning to recognize the advantages of an inclusive workplace, you may wonder if you’re doing everything you can to build a diversity recruitment practice. A common occurrence is for employers to say they want to hire diversely but seem to… Read more

With a Large Talent Pool Now Laid Off – Now Is the Time To Hire

While the pandemic-related shutdown has presented many disadvantages for businesses over the last few months, one of the upsides is that there may be more available talent. Some people were laid off as the economy slowed, others unhappy with their employer’s response to the crisis, may be ready to look for an employer that is… Read more

Leadership in a Time of Crisis: Keeping your Remote Team on Track During a Pandemic

As a leader, you are accustomed to leading your team day-to-day. Whether you are providing regular feedback, assigning tasks or teaching skills, providing guidance is part of your everyday. There has never been such a massive shakeup to professional and personal lives as there is now, when we are facing the spread of COVID-19. Continuing… Read more

5 Characteristics of Companies People Love to Work For

Competitive salary and benefits are essential, but equally important is an environment where people feel respected, valued, and empowered. Here are five characteristics of companies that people love to work for. It takes more than flashy perks to inspire undying devotion and loyalty from your employees. It is often intangible, feel-good characteristics that give people… Read more