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What Should You Look For In A Strategic Partner For Managed Staffing Services?

Contracting with a staffing agency can be a bit of a gamble – if you don’t know what qualities to look for.

Though all staffing agencies will naturally try to sell themselves as “the best around,” look past their claims and take note of what they truly have to offer you in terms of service and reliability.

Before deciding on a staffing agency to work with, assess each possibility for the following qualities:


Perhaps the most telling information regarding the quality of a staffing agency is its track record.

What do other companies have to say about the agency? What about the contracted workers? You want to be sure the staffing agency you choose offers a pleasurable experience for all involved parties.

Additionally, you want the staffing agency you choose to focus heavily on improving the quality of their service at all times. Since you’ll likely be setting a foundation for a long-standing professional relationship, you’ll need to be confident the agency will be able to cater to your growing needs as time goes on.


You want to be sure that your company, your staffing agency and the talent that comes from the agency are all on the same page.

A top-notch staffing agency will keep your needs in mind when connecting talent with your company. They’ll understand exactly what you’re looking for in a specific hire, as well as the importance of finding such talent within a certain amount of time.

A quality staffing agency will also take the prospective talent’s needs into consideration when connecting them with you, as well. Such an agency will know that filling a position requires more than just placing a qualified individual into a spot – it means aligning the needs of each party to ensure a best-fit scenario.


A quality staffing agency doesn’t operate in a vacuum. Instead, it makes its processes readily apparent to its talent, as well as the companies it works with.

When contracting with a staffing agency, you want to know exactly what you’re getting, and what you’re getting your company into. You’ll want the agency to be up front about the services they’ll provide, the terms of the contract and what’s expected on your end.

By seeking transparency in your relationship with a staffing agency, you again ensure all parties involved in the process remain on the same page.


While working with a staffing agency, you’ll want to be able to contact them on an as needed basis.

In a world where communication can occur with the click of a button, there’s no excuse for a staffing agency to not have some means of offering 24/7 support to its clients. Find a staffing agency that offers multiple options, such as a phone line, email support and 1-on-1 chat for immediate issues.

As long as these windows of support are always open, you can be confident your contracted agency will be there for you.


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