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Improve Your Personal and Professional Branding

Whether you’re aware of it or not: You are your own brand.

Just as Nike is a sporting goods brand, you have a persona that defines who you are as a professional.

In the same way your credit score can determine whether you’ll be approved for a loan, your brand can determine whether a prospective employer decides to call you in for an interview.

If you haven’t been aware of this up until now, there’s a good chance certain areas of your brand are in need of improvement.

Check out the following tips to determine how to improve your personal brand and get noticed by top employers in your industry.


Fill Out and Maintain Professional Online Profiles

By today’s standards, you probably know to keep your personal life as private as possible on social media. So, we’ll skip over that lesson for now.

Instead, let’s focus on improving your professional social media presence.

If you have a LinkedIn, Twitter or other social media profile for the specific reason of networking and getting ahead in your career, make sure it’s filled out completely. Each section provided is an opportunity to show your worth; don’t leave any of them blank.

Even sections relating to hobbies or your personal life are important. These spaces allow potential employers to see you not just as a worker, but as a person.


Exhibit Your Knowledge by Blogging

Blogging is a great way to show others you know what you’re talking about before they even speak to you.

When we say “blogging,” we don’t mean publishing a daily account of what you had for breakfast. We mean crafting well-written articles discussing current trends in your industry, explanatory how-to guides or well-supported opinion pieces.

Whether you publish on your own website, use LinkedIn Pulse or write for someone else’s blog, posting your thoughts and ideas on the internet exhibits your knowledge and generates a buzz around your brand.


Be Targeted in Your Networking Campaigns

We know the internet is huge. And we know professional networking sites are chock-full of employers looking for quality workers. But casting a wide net and seeing who bites is not the most efficient way of getting your name “out there.”

On the contrary, you should be targeting specific individuals you are confident can help you succeed and move forward in your career.

Rather than adding everyone you can find to your professional networks, form authentic relationships with people you have something in common with. Forge mutually beneficial relationships by promoting each other’s name and growing each other’s network.

By being specific in your networking campaigns, you’ll stand a much better chance of getting what you’re looking for and improving your brand’s reputation.


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