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Tips For Using Social Media to Recruit Qualified Employees

Though social media today is dominated by political discussions and cute cat pictures, it’s an effective way for employers to unearth top-quality employee candidates.

While getting set up on sites like LinkedIn is easy enough, using them (and seeing positive results) is a whole different ballgame.

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Here we’ll discuss an effective three-step process to finding qualified employees to join your company and help you succeed.

Have an Active Presence

Before you start looking for candidates, you need to have an online presence of your own. Otherwise, you stand little chance of being noticed by the professionals you want to attract to your company.

Start with tidying up your company’s website and social media pages. Make sure all information fields are filled out and accurate. Add flair wherever possible to distinguish your brand from other, more run-of-the-mill company pages.

Moving forward, add information and media to your pages on a consistent basis. Post pictures and videos of interviews with team members and product demonstrations. Maintain a blog that allows visitors to learn more about your company and join in on-going discussions.

The goal is to exhibit your company as an exciting and productive place to work, in turn making top-quality employee prospects flock to any open positions you have.

Be Clear

Job-seekers’ inboxes fill up with dozens of “offers” a day.

Of course, most of these offers are just junk mail trying to convince them to pay to see the “actual” offers that are out there. Because of these, many job seekers tend to be unsure when they come across job postings on the internet. In other words, you need to make it clear your company is hiring.

Not only that, you should also make it known what you’re looking for in potential candidates, otherwise you’ll end up being inundated with hundreds of applications from unqualified individuals.

Finally, candidates need to know the best way to contact you when sending their application and when following up. If there’s any doubt in their mind of whether you received their application, they’ll likely move on immediately.

Be Active in Your Pursuits

When posting a job online, don’t just assume “if you build it, they will come.”

Seek out and engage with your followers on social media. Let them know you’re hiring, and provide incentives for them to share this information with friends and colleagues who may be more qualified for the position being advertised.

Tap into your network, too. If you have a good relationship with popular influencers in your industry, see if they’d be willing to mention the available position on their social media pages.

In much the same way job seekers need to hunt out the best possible openings, you need to hunt the best possible employees, as well.

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