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You Need These People On Your Team

Whether we’re talking about the Red Sox, Patriots, Avengers, or the employees you’ve banded together yourself, all teams have one major thing in common:

The reason they’re a team in the first place is that no single individual can get the job done on their own.

Just as a pitcher needs a strong catcher, your team of employees needs to be made up of individuals who complement and support each other’s efforts. Here are a few personalities you need on your team.

In this article, we’ll discuss the main personalities your team needs to have on board in order for your organization as a whole to accomplish great things. As we go through the list of personalities, you’ll notice that some “pair up” with each other to keep the other in check, while others work together to further the other’s actions.

Personality #1: The Dreamer and the Realist

Every team needs that one person who can visualize the absolute best-case scenario at all times, and who is able to come up with a number of innovative ways in which to accomplish these goals.

On the other hand, all teams also need to have someone on board to look at things from a more realistic perspective, as well. While not necessarily being pessimistic, the realist’s job is to take stock of everything the team currently has at their disposal (in terms of budget, inventory, etc.) in order to set realistic and attainable goals for the organization.

Yes, your team should always aim for lofty heights – but they should also understand that certain goals may truly not be possible given the current circumstances. By keeping such an “optimistically realistic” perspective on things, your team will be able to work toward that which is attainable – rather than risk major disappointment upon falling short of an unrealistic goal.

Personality #2: The Thinker and the Doer

Another pair that plays off one another is the Thinker and the Doer.

As you might have guessed, the Thinker specializes in thinking things through and planning their next move. Rather than diving right into a project, the Thinker takes a step back and weighs their options, ultimately determining the course of action which will most likely lead to success.

The Doer, of course, is the person who is always raring to get to work. They know what needs to be done, they know how they’re going to do it, and they don’t hesitate in diving right in.

Obviously, diving into a project – especially a major one – without much planning can end up in disaster; which is why the Thinker needs to be able to “rein in” the Doer at times. However, too much analysis can cause “analysis paralysis,” which, in turn, causes absolutely nothing to get accomplished. With that being said, both the Thinker and the Doer need to work together to find a happy medium in which proper planning leads to effective action.

Personality #3: The Leader and the Team Player(s)

As we alluded to before, every team needs a leader – but that doesn’t mean the other members are any less important.

The Leader is, of course, the decision-maker of the group. At any given time, the Leader will assume any of the roles we’ve mentioned thus far: depending on the situation, they might be the Thinker, the Doer, the Dreamer, or the Realist. Essentially, the Leader’s job is to do whatever it takes to get the team to the next level.

The Team Players, then, need to be able to follow the Leader as needed. Now, this doesn’t mean the Team Players should be subservient to the Leader; it simply means they need to place their trust in the Leader, and work with all other members of the team to get the job done.

Simply put: without the Leader, the team would have a tough time determining which step to take next; without the team, the Leader would never be able to accomplish everything that needs to be done.

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