The Benefits of Payrolling Contingent Workers

The Benefits of Payrolling Contingent Workers The Panther Group

Companies are facing unprecedented challenges to achieving more with less given the current business environment.  As a result, companies are using contract workers more than ever before to supplement their existing workforce. Contingency staffing services give companies the flexibility to adapt to the rapidly changing business environment while significantly reducing the costs of full-time employment.… Read more

Don’t Miss Diversity When Engaging In A Direct-Hire Search

Don't Miss Diversity When Engaging In A Direct-Hire Search The Panther Group

When recruiting for a direct hire position, you’re likely to start with an extensive list of must-have and like-to-have requirements for your new hire. When you’re making your list, be sure diversity is near the top. Diversity can bring a lot to your organization. That’s why it’s important to make it a priority. Why Is… Read more

Are You At Risk of Misclassifying Employees?

Are You At Risk of Misclassifying Employees_ - The Panther Group (1)

On January 6, 2021, the Department of Labor Department announced a final rule clarifying the standard for employee versus independent contractor under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The effective date of the final rule is March 8, 2021. This rule brings long-needed clarity for American workers and employers. Sharpening the test to determine who… Read more

Companies Should Put DE&I First – Here’s Why

Companies Should Put DE&I First - Here's Why - The Panther Group

Many companies are seeing the wisdom in bringing diversity to their workforce at every level. Unfortunately, some organizations don’t know the benefit of making diversity, equity and inclusion a top priority and instead treat it as just another item on their to-do list. Here’s why smart companies put DE&I first.  The Power of Placing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – First Diversity Offers Benefits At Every Level  From the… Read more

HR Professionals Are on the Front Lines To Defeat Unconscious Bias

HR Professionals Are on the Front Lines To Defeat Unconscious Bias - The Panther Group

As business leaders have become more cognizant of the need to address unconscious bias, there has been an increasing top-down commitment to meeting it head-on. While this is excellent news, HR has an important role to play as well. After all, human resources is often a new employee’s first exposure to the organization, so it’s… Read more

3 Workplace Flexibility and Leave Concepts That Are Now A Part of the National Discussion

3 Workplace Flexibility and Leave Concepts That Are Now A Part of the National Discussion - The Panther Group

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed the need for a more flexible approach to workforce management. Companies suddenly found that if they wanted to keep their best people happy, productive and on the team, they needed to be adaptable. The weaknesses the virus revealed don’t exist in a vacuum. Smart policies developed now will transfer to future… Read more

These Are the 3 Characteristics of Someone Who Works with The Panther Group

At The Panther Group, we like to take the time to highlight the efforts of our team. Whether they do their jobs in our workplace or yours, these are 3 of the reasons why our team is so fantastic! Thank you team! 3 Characteristics We Value At The Panther Group Characteristic #1:  Expertise Our staffing… Read more

How to Teach, Coach, and Manage Employees to Set Great Goals

Success is the combined result of many factors—hard work, dedication, teamwork, failures and mistakes, accountability, and adjustments. This is true in sports, business, and relationships. Without a goal to work toward, it is easy to get off track, waste effort and accomplish nothing. If you manage employees, it is part of your job to guide them in the goal-setting process. Here is how to teach, coach, and manage employees to set great goals.   5 Tips For… Read more

5 Reasons a Vendor-on-Premise Relationship Helps Your Company Reach Its Goals Faster

Panther’s Workforce Solutions team provides many incentives to help you manage your employees. They can help you balance the priorities of your bottom line and your company’s long-term and short-term goals. They seek to partner with you, to free up time affording time to focus on sales, building relationships with employees, designing a marketing strategy, growing the business, and improving efficiencies. Depending on your needs, Panther can design a… Read more