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How Are Modern Diversity Issues a Top-Down Strategy in Today’s Workplace

You almost certainly don’t need us to tell you that diversity and inclusion is a hot-button issue not only throughout the US, but throughout the entire modern world.

This issue, of course, has touched almost every aspect of our society – not the least of which being the world of business.

While, to be sure, some detractors and naysayers maintain the position that diversity and inclusion is nothing more than a feel-good story, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, diversity, in every sense of the word, is a main contributor to the success of a given company in today’s world.

And it all starts with a strategic approach from within the highest levels of an organization.

More Than Lip Service

One of the biggest mistakes a CEO or hiring manager can make when attempting to build a truly diverse team is failing to dig deeper than surface-level diversity.

In other words, you shouldn’t be looking to hire a specific individual simply to fill a quota.

Rather, as a leader, you should be actively looking to bring individuals on board that bring fresh, new, and different perspectives and talents to the table.

However, to actually attract such individuals in the first place, you need to change the overall way in which your company actually views diversity. Essentially, your organization needs to be a place in which members of diverse cultures and walks of life actually want to work.

Making this change, most likely, isn’t going to be a quick fix; in fact, it shouldn’t be. As shown in the following infographic from Deloitte, a lot goes into spearheading a cultural shift within an organization:


As we said earlier, though:

This shift isn’t going to happen without buy-in from leadership, from the top down.

Diversity is Essential to Innovation

Take it from Apple, one of the most forward-thinking companies in the world:

“Diverse teams make innovation possible.”

It just makes sense:

The more diverse an organization is, the more likely each team member is to be exposed to other individuals whose thoughts and ideas that are – perhaps both figuratively and literally – foreign to each other’s. With such a variety of individuals – each with their own, unique perspective – attacking a single problem, freely sharing possible solutions with one another, it’s almost guaranteed that the team will come up with an idea that has never been thought of before.

However, this can only happen, as we said earlier, if diversity and inclusion is ingrained not just as an “extra,” but as a fundamental part of your organization.

Getting Clients and Customers Involved

Yes, fostering a sense of diversity, inclusion, and acceptance is important for your organization’s internal processes.
But it can also be incredibly beneficial to your client-facing relationships, as well.

Now, again, this doesn’t mean you should flaunt your organization’s sense of diversity as if it’s a selling point. Rather, you should focus on investing in initiatives that truly showcase your organization’s appreciation of those who may walk in shoes that differ from your own.

There’s no doubt about it: Your clients will take note.

Are you looking to build a diverse company to be better prepared for growth and business challenges?

The Panther Group is committed to Diversity. As a leader in recruitment services for more than two decades, TPG is a minority/diversity-owned supplier to help support our clients’ diversity initiatives. We are certified by the National Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc as well as various state agencies. Not only are we focused on diversity recruitment for our clients we ensure we have a diverse internal team as well, our team reflects the people we place. Contact us to find diverse talent to add to your growing company.

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