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An Interview with Our Newest Senior Vice President, Howard Ross

How is The Panther Group Changing?

The Panther Group recently acquired BOC Staffing Solutions, a boutique staffing firm that specializes in financial services. Panther has now expanded their service to better provide dynamic and even more diverse staffing solutions with more locations across North American.

Who is Howard Ross?

Howard Ross, the former Managing Director of BOC Staffing Solutions, was key in the acquisition, and is now a Senior Vice President with the Panther Group and oversees the NYC operations. Howard was recently interviewed about his recent partnership with The Panther Group.

From his interview:

What impact will the acquisition have on BOC Staffing Solutions and The Panther Group’s clients and candidates?

After managing and reengineering BOC Staffing Solutions into a successful financial services boutique staffing firm, and recognizing that the NYC financial industry was moving at a fast-pace to look to more national versus regional providers, BOC was network-introduced to TPG.  It was immediately evident that the joining of BOC into TPG would be a mutually beneficial association that would produce fuller and more diversified services that would yield more complete results to the BOC company, candidates and clients, and expand TPG into a diverse investment banking, alternative investments and capital markets client base, together with establishing a physical NYC presence.

What do you enjoy, most, about your place in the industry?

As a staffing industry SME who is somewhat uniquely experienced in having supported all levels of FTE/FTC positions from hourly to C-suite, I have enjoyed the ability to interact with company managers seeking to hire and individuals in a search, being able to add input that adds value to the conversations and decisions made, and at times providing what are life-changing solutions and win-win consultative human capital support and results; it is what makes our industry challenging, rewarding, and exciting. We are the only industry where our “product” can talk back and interact.

What is the best part of working for The Panther Group?

TPG is not your typical staffing firm, but rather a team of like-minded people-focused professionals that pushes against and pulls together in a structure of cooperative and constructive competition yielding great company and candidate experiences. Further, being able to seamlessly take existing company relationships and expand FTE/FTC support into new states and locations has exponentially expanded our resources onto a national base.

What is one of your favorite success stories?

Recognizing the client need and potential, and working to build what was a broken relationship and weak delivery of temp-talent into what developed into a primary on-site provider relationship responsible for a 24-hr 7-day delivery for a quarterly ramp-up of data entry temps that grew in scope from 35 in staff to over 450 in staff across two states. We were able to locate a software out of the UK that mirrored the data-entry process and enabled us to train and test temps, giving the ability to specifically test and validate the speed and accuracy of the temps.

Why do you think BOC did so well in NYC and will continue to do so within The Panther Group?

As a boutique, BOC had a focused client base and enjoyed almost all client relations in that was able to establish strong relationships across the organizations. The Panther Group has the same values, and mirrors our commitment to all of our clients in New York City.

Howard Ross continues to lead the way in New York City. The Panther Group family is proud to have him on the team and is looking forward to a dynamic future with him in a leadership role. If you are looking for a job, top talent, or consultative staffing solutions, The Panther Group continues to be recognized for its expertise and results.

Are you looking for top talent or for a job?

The Panther Group is a diverse, minority-owned and certified enterprise, with a history of building lasting relationships. We are a full-service staffing firm that delivers unique and innovative recruitment strategies to meet a company’s human capital needs. The Panther Group provides value to its customers with high quality and cost-effective services. At The Panther Group, we are Experts in Human Capital.

What industry are you in?

Panther Life Sciences joins Panther’s existing dedicated areas of specialty, including:

Panther Professional. Nationwide administrative and professional staffing and recruitment.

Panther Accounting & Finance. Expert solutions for accounting and finance challenges.

Panther EngineeringProfessional staffing solutions for technical and engineering requirements.

Panther Information Technology. Connecting companies of all sizes with uniquely skilled individuals.

Panther Federal. Talent solutions for federal government.

Panther Workforce Solutions. MSP, VOP. RPO, payrolling and more…

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