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How To You Retain Your Best Talent?

So, you’ve finally rounded out your team with a number of high-quality, dedicated individuals that operate together like a finely-tuned machine.I t’s basically a dream scenario. You tell them what needs to be done, and they get to work with little to no hesitation. Truth be told, they make your job just that much easier.

Of course, this dream scenario can easily become a nightmare if even one of these individuals up and gives you their two-week notice. When that happens…well…there’s no telling how the rest of the team will react – and it might not bode all that well for your organization.T hat said, it’s essential that you never take your top-performing employees for granted. Rather, you want to do whatever you can to keep them on board for as long as possible.

Here are some of the ways to keep them around.

5 Way To Keep Your Best Talent

1) Ensure They Know Their Value

Simply put:

If your employees don’t feel as if you recognize everything they bring to your company, there will always be the lingering thought in the back of their mind that they might be happier elsewhere.

While motivational compliments and metaphorical pats on the back may seem rather superfluous, the absence of these things is definitely felt by those who put in the hard work to help the company succeed. From the employee’s perspective, if their bosses or managers aren’t acknowledging their worth to the company, they probably see their employees as expendable and/or valueless. In turn, this will make the employee believe they have no chance of being promoted or growing in their current position in the slightest.

On the other hand, by acknowledging the work your employees do, you’ll convey the message that they are appreciated, and that they matter to the company – and the message will be heard loud and clear.

2) Provide Opportunities to Learn, Grow, and Climb

As we just mentioned, your best employees will typically always be looking for ways to grow as professionals, as well as within your organization.

If you aren’t providing these opportunities, the employees that thrive on such intrinsic motivation and incentives are, again, going to begin to look elsewhere.

On the other hand, by providing opportunities to learn and grow as professionals – and to be provided additional responsibilities within your organization – you’ll continually give your best employees yet another reason to stay loyal to your company. If they can continue to grow while working within your organization, why would they want to start over elsewhere?

3) Encourage Autonomy and Creativity

Earlier in this article, we spoke about the fact that your best employees will usually be able to hit the ground running once they’ve been given directions.

On the other side of this coin, these individuals typically don’t appreciate being micromanaged, or told specifically how to go about doing something (unless, of course, it’s absolutely necessary).

With that in mind, you’ll want to create a work environment that promotes autonomy and creativity, in which your employees are free to accomplish certain tasks in a way that works best for them. While, of course, there will always be certain protocol that needs be followed, you want to minimize the amount of red tape and “guidelines for the sake of guidelines” enforced throughout your company.

Not only will this allow your best employees to thrive, but it will also show them that you trust them to get the job done to the best of their ability – no matter how they go about doing it.

4) Solicit Buy-In and Feedback

Your best employees will almost definitely have suggestions from time to time regarding ways to improve certain processes within your organization.

As we just discussed, since your top talent will be the ones coming up with new and innovative solutions and ways of going about certain tasks, you definitely want to listen to them when they come to you with feedback.

You also want to be sure that they’re aware of their ability to come to you with such suggestions in the first place. Whether this means providing surveys from time to time, or simply checking in with your employees “on the fly,” you want to be sure that they know their voices will be heard whenever they decide to speak up.

5) Provide the Necessary Benefits

We saved this for last because, well…it probably goes without saying.

While all these other factors definitely contribute to a given employee’s propensity to stick around, this decision will almost certainly come down to whether or not they believe they’re being compensated fairly by your company.

Whether we’re talking about money, benefits, or paid time off, you definitely want to remain  competitive with other organizations in your industry. Yes, some individuals might see these things as secondary to the above factors – but these individuals also likely have family members to look out for, as well. That said, if you aren’t providing what they need to keep their loved ones happy and healthy, they’re liable to up and leave as soon as a better opportunity arrives – no matter how comfortable they are within your organization.

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