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Great Engineering Roles For Recent Grads

If you’ve recently graduated with a degree in engineering in any capacity, you probably know that a world of possibilities has just opened up for you.

Whether you specialized in a certain area or went the more general route, the question now becomes:

Which direction should you choose?

In this article, we’re going to discuss five of the fastest-growing and popular industries and niches for newly-graduated engineers. Here, we’ll provide info regarding salary expectations, job outlook, and expected duties for each position.

5 Engineering Jobs That Are Perfect For New Grads

1.  Software Engineering

The field of software engineering is, without a doubt, the fastest-growing and most widespread subsection of the engineering industry: in 2017 alone, over 270,000 jobs were added to the US economy. This equates to a 30% growth in the field.

As expected, software engineers definitely need to have an in-depth understanding of programming and computer science. Typically, software engineers are responsible for developing professional suites, operating systems, web portals, and mobile apps to be used internally by organizations, or externally by their customers and clients. In recent years, mastery of cybersecurity-related software and coding has become a huge draw companies looking to hire software engineers, as well.

As of 2017, the median salary for software engineers is $90,500.

2.  Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering is another fast-growing subset of the engineering field, with 9,700 jobs being added last year – equating to an astounding 65% growth over the year.

Biomedical engineers’ main responsibilities lie in the development of technology to benefit the medical field in some way, and to determine the useful application of existing and emerging technology to the medical field. This may involve developing technology to better diagnose and treat diseases, creating artificial limbs and organs, and creating tools to improve the patient’s overall quality of life. To be able to accomplish these tasks, biomedical engineers must be strong researchers who are always looking to utilize new technologies in a practical way that benefits others.

Biomedical engineers earn an average of $81,500 annually.

3.  Mechanical Engineering

As technically minded individual, you know that your field is one of problem solving and practical application. Career options are often found in surprising places.

Your skills are in high demand since they cover a broad array of industries and bridge the gap between computer-aided designs, manufacturing, and the practical physical world. You may design and oversee manufacturing of specific products or devices or design systems on-site.  Finding a job may not be difficult but finding a job that can offer you a long and fruitful career is trickier.  Consider career connection experts like recruiters to connect you with top employers.

The average salary for a mechanical engineer 1 is $66,795 and rises to the mid 80’s for 2 and 3.

4.  Civil Engineering

While not the most lucrative of the engineering positions, civil engineering provides the opportunity for you to design new public buildings and structures, such as roads and highways, bridges, and water and sewage systems. Additionally, you’d be responsible for the maintenance and improvement of those structures that had been erected long ago.

Civil engineers typically make an average of $77,000. As of 2017, the industry had added 51,000 new jobs – an increase of 19% over the year.

5.  Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering is a prime industry for engineers with a background in biochemistry.

As an environmental engineer, your main responsibilities will revolve around developing solutions to environmental problems such as pollution, waste management, and water treatment. Of course, there’s also an economic/ecologic aspect to the position, as you’d be responsible for solving these problems in the most efficient and least environmentally-damaging manner possible.

The environmental engineering sector has grown 22% over the past year, with the median salary reaching roughly $78,000.

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