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Excellent Ways To Entice Passive Job Seekers to Join Your Company

We recently discussed the idea that it’s not uncommon for individuals who are currently employed to at least consider other professional opportunities should they arise.

Often, these individuals are highly qualified and incredibly motivated – which, perhaps, is what spurs them to keep their options open in the first place. As a recruiter, you absolutely don’t want to overlook these individuals when looking to fill a position.

However, just because they’re open to the possibility of coming over to your organization, that doesn’t mean they’re 100% ready to jump ship, either. That said, there are a few things you can do to prove to them that the grass really is greener on your side of the fence.

How Can You Get Passive Job Seekers Interested In Your Company?

Know and Understand What They’re Looking For

There are a wide variety of reasons why a given individual may be keeping their options open despite being employed at the current moment.

Obviously, there’s always the chance that they despise some aspect of their job – be it low pay, poor culture, or a terrible boss. But things might not always be so clear-cut; they might actually love their current job, but are the type of individual who is always looking to make changes and improvements.

Whatever the case may be, you need to know two things: Why, exactly, they’re looking elsewhere, and how, exactly, your organization is a better fit for them.

As we’ll talk about in a bit, your target candidate isn’t going to leave the surety of their current position unless you make the value of your offer crystal clear. The first step in this process is knowing what they value in the first place.

Get Connected With Them

While you don’t want to jump the gun and reach out to these individuals for hiring purposes right from the get-go, you do want to connect with them and make your presence known in some way or another.

Perhaps the most effective way of doing so is to connect with them on social media – preferably on a platform such as LinkedIn. In doing so, not only do you make the prospective employee more aware of your organization in the first place, but you also stand to learn a lot more about them, as well.

This is an especially effective tactic if your organization is quite active on the platform in question. For example, if you’re consistently sharing valuable content and other such information on your own pages, and your prospective employee engages with the platform on a regular basis, they’ll almost certainly begin to recognize and think more about your organization in the future.

Get Your Employees to Advocate For You

There may be no better way to prove to prospective employees that your organization is right for them than by getting your current employees to vouch for you.

While doing this overtly is rather risky (that is, having an employee of your company reach out to your prospect may seem a bit inauthentic), there are still ways you can showcase your employees’ love of your company without being too “in your face” about it.

Perhaps the most effective way of doing so is to develop content for your website and social media platforms showcasing your various employees’ experiences at your company. For example, you might create employee profiles showcasing the value they’ve brought to the company, or you might conduct interviews with them, allowing them to provide insight into their experiences.

Above all else, such content will also prove to your target that you truly appreciate each and every one of your employees – something they may not be experiencing in their current position.

Up the Ante Substantially

As we said earlier, your prospective employee probably isn’t going to risk everything at their current position unless they stand to gain a lot in the process.

So, in addition to making the value of your offer loud and clear, you also need to offer substantially more than their current employer – and, again, do so on your target employee’s terms. If you know they’re looking for higher pay, make it happen; if you know they’re looking for upward mobility, show them cases of others who have moved up the ladder in the past; if they’re looking for a better work-life balance, make sure PTO and flexible hours are part of the deal.

Whatever the case may be, don’t come to the table with less than what they’re already getting – and don’t make them sacrifice one thing for another. If you really want to get them onboard, you absolutely need to make sure it’s a risk-free venture on their end.

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