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5 Tips for Speeding Up the Hiring Process and Reducing Risk at the Same Time

Some companies like to take their time when hiring. They want to be as careful as possible so they don’t hire the wrong person. Bad hires are costly, for sure! According to CareerBuilder, the average cost of hiring the wrong person is between $7,000 and $10,000. Here are five tips for speeding up the hiring process and reducing risk at the same time.

How Can I Hire More Quickly?

1. Write a good job description

A job description needs to be clear and straightforward. If you’re trying to gloss over some of the more tedious tasks to appeal to more people, you’ll just end up with disgruntled employees who didn’t expect to have those responsibilities. Instead, specify the skills and requirements you’re looking for and be honest about what you’ll expect them to do. This way, you’ll automatically weed out people who aren’t qualified or aren’t willing for perform those duties.

2. Use your internal network

No one has a better idea of what it takes to be successful at your company than your current employees, so ask them to help with the hiring. Encourage them to reach out to their colleagues at other companies and other qualified candidates they may know. They also know who will fit into your culture and who won’t, so they won’t recommend someone that you’ll only have to fire a few months later.

3. Be more selective about who you interview

The first-round interviews can be pretty time-consuming. You have to negotiate a variety of schedules, allow for travel time, and actually conduct the interview. Instead of bringing in too many candidates, only invite the applicants whose resumes really impressed you. Trust your gut—often an in-person interview just confirms what the resume hinted at anyway. If you’re not sure about a resume, consider scheduling a phone interview first and then deciding whether it’d be worth it to schedule an in-person interview.

4. Streamline your decision-making

There’s no need to have every department head and stakeholder weigh in on every hiring decision. It takes too much time to coordinate a time to meet or collect data from each person. And then, if there are disagreements, how do you resolve them efficiently? Consider just having a few people involved in the hiring process—if you have a collection of the right people, they’ll make the correct decision no matter what.

5. Use a staffing Partner

Staffing firms have access to a large pool of qualified, pre-screened candidates, so they can partner with you to fill your roll quickly. The Panther Group has 25 years of staffing experience, designing tailored staffing solutions to meet your needs, so they can work with you to make sure you’re operating most efficiently with no gaps in your duties and responsibilities. Their expertise guarantees that they’re only passing the most qualified candidates along to you, meaning that you won’t make a bad hire. Your success is their success.

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