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6 Reasons You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Contingent Workforce Management

There are a lot of important functions that go along with staffing your company and when unitizing a volume of contractors to support the business function, there are a myriad of administrative tasks in addition to the recruitment and retention of workers including payroll, benefits distributions, taxes and overall compliance. At Panther, we will do that for you. Here’s how Panther’s Workforce Solutions team can enhance your processes and ultimately revenue.

What Do Managed Service Providers Do?

1. We mitigate

As a Managed Service Provider, The Panther Group will provide all staffing management functions, including mitigating employment risks and ensuring workforce compliance. Employment laws vary from state to state and change frequently –  it’s important to engage a provider who can handle those issues. A misstep in that department could be a hefty fine or costly lawsuit.

 2. We simplify

Worried about finding the right candidate in a very tight marketplace? With an MSP in place we can facilitate access to the best talent managing staffing suppliers to make sure that not only will you find the best candidate, you’ll hire them with the best offer. We screen and negotiate so you don’t have to.

 3. We source and deliver quality talent

We identify the best-in-class suppliers and having an aggregate of established, meticulously vetted partners, affords competition where suppliers send their best of the best, providing qualified candidates to meet your specific needs. We also take the time to get to know you and your company and your unique staffing specifications to ensure culture fit along with the qualifications of a successful placement.

 4. We provide solutions to challenges

There are significant tasks that accompany hiring and managing employees beyond recruitment, and as your MSP provider we’re prepared to handle them all. From customized onboarding, leveraging technology with delivery, compliance and transparency and access to information to support assessment of labor costs. We’ll troubleshoot all issues and complications, affording the time and energy for growing your business.

 5. We establish performance metrics

 In order to meet your company’s goals and cost efficiencies, TPG workforce solutions implements performance metrics for the overall program and for suppliers for effective delivery and accountability. As the MSP provider we design performance metrics, including time to fill, attrition, compliance, etc.  guaranteed to ensure greater efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

 6. We manage workforce analysis

To maximize efficiency, a TPG MSP program will manage your contingent labor conducting supply chain analysis prior and ongoing, analyze usage trends for proactive fulfillment, implement terms and monitor pricing, and cost analyst,   We’re experts in the industry, we understand and continuously review rates and salaries to keep your company competitive.

Are you looking for a better (and simpler) way to manage your workforce?

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