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How Can You Reduce the Time a Job is Unfulfilled?

No company likes to have a job opening for longer than necessary. That opening means that productivity is suffering and work is not getting done. Or if it is, they’re by other employees, who are probably overextended. They’re having to burden themselves with excess duties on top of their own and growing increasingly overwhelmed. So, you want to minimize the amount of time that a job goes unfulfilled. Here’s how you can speed up your hiring.

Write better job descriptions

When you’re crafting job descriptions, you want to make sure they’re clear and straightforward. Be realistic about your requirements. You don’t want to post something that prevents qualified candidates from applying. If you’re not clear, applicants will either be too intimidated to apply, or they’ll think the job is beneath them. And be clear about the day-to-day responsibilities of the position—confusion later on will lead to frustration and resentment. The better your job description is, the better fit your applicants will be.

Market the opening

Use social media and job boards to promote the opening. Call upon your network to post and share the opening and ask them whether they know any qualified candidates. Do the same for your current employees. Encourage them, preferably with a bonus or incentive, to make a referral. After all, no one knows best what it takes to work at your company than your current employees.

Only bring in the best

Interviewing is usually the most time-consuming part of the hiring process. It takes time to negotiate a good interview time and more time to actually conduct the interview. So, as you’re scanning resumes, don’t bring in every single one for an interview. Instead, trust your gut and only call those who seem like realistic candidates.

Limit your decision makers

You don’t need to include your entire management team in your decision-making process. If you do, this can be an extremely time-consuming part of the process too. You have to coordinate times when everyone can meet, and the more people you include, the more likely you are to have disagreements. But if you only involve one to three people in the process, you can make it go a lot faster since you won’t have as many people who need to weigh in.

Use a staffing partner

The best, most foolproof way to speed up your hiring process is to use a staffing firm. Since it’s their business to hire, they’re experts at scanning resumes, evaluating interview candidates, and matching the best candidate to each job. Not only that, they have access to greater talent pools, even for very specific skills sets or credentials. They can find passive candidates who might be very qualified but aren’t actively looking. And they can help structure a part-time or temporary position that might fill your needs and save you money in the long run.

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