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Summer Reading Series: Books That Will Make You Rethink Your Business Culture

Company culture is essential and is driving career choices more than ever. When your employees are happy and focused on a company mission that they believe in, they’ll be more productive and efficient at work. And they’re more likely to stay loyal to your company. Here are some books you can read this summer that will make you rethink your business culture.

6 Great Business Culture Books

1. The Culture Engine: A Framework for Driving Results, Inspiring Your Employees, and Transforming Your Workplace

 Chris Edmonds asserts that company culture comes from the highest leadership in your company, so the values and behaviors that your leaders are rewarding, prioritizing, and exemplifying are the ones your employees are going to replicate. He claims companies need an organizational constitution—a document that defines the culture, lists the ideal behaviors, and outlines who’s responsible for what when it comes to modeling and rewarding those sought-after behaviors.

 2. Change the Culture, Change the Game: The Breakthrough Strategy for Energizing Your Organization and Creating Accountability for Results

 Roger Connors and Tim Smith, already two-time NY Times bestselling authors, show how you can quickly and permanently chance the culture in your company to maximize your teams’ potential. After all, your employees are your most prized and most valuable resource. 

 3. The Best Place to Work: The Art and Science of Creating an Extraordinary Workplace

 Ron Friedman uses powerful anecdotes and the latest research regarding motivation, creativity, behavioral economics, neuroscience, and management to guide leadership. His techniques will improve decision-making, improve innovation, and enhance employee performance. Many of his insights are surprising and counterintuitive, but his suggestions are immediately actionable, regardless of your company’s size and budget.

 4. Carrots and Sticks Don’t Work: Build a Culture of Employee Engagement With the Principles of Respect

 Paul L. Marciano gets it all out right in the title: reward and recognition programs don’t really work. Instead of highlighting the success of the team and achievement of the goal, they overemphasize the praise and recognition for the employee. As an alternative, Marciano proposes a RESPECT model—Recognition, Empowerment, Support, Partnering, (clear) Expectations, Consideration, and Trust. This model promises greater efficiency, less turnover, and better engagement.

 5. Culture That Rocks: How to Revolutionize Your Company’s Culture

 Through his how-to style of writing, author Jim Knight give you the blueprint you need to improve your culture—from how you recruit and hire to improving communications to engaging in authentic philanthropy. He uses a combination of common sense rationale and examples from cartoons, rock ‘n roll icons, Peter Pan, and chocolate ice cream.

6.  How to Build a Thriving Culture at Work

Rosie Ward and Jon Robinson focus on ways for companies to get their employees to thrive. When employees are thriving, the company thrives and everyone wins. Too many companies try to get their employees to thrive by offering outdated wellness programs that are a waste of time and money. Instead, these authors stress that employees encourage autonomy, skill development, a sense of purpose, and employee loyalty.

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