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Don’t Love Your Resume? Give It a Boost

If your job search has not been successful, or if you have not updated your resume in a while, it may be time to reevaluate what you are sending to employers. It is essential to make a positive first impression with your resume. It is often the first thing hiring managers will evaluate. Be sure that it is polished and professional to set yourself apart from the competition. Consider these ideas to give your resume a boost.

Keep Learning

If there are gaps in your skills that are preventing you from landing your ideal job, consider adding to your knowledge base. Acquire the hard skills that are in demand in your field. The right skills – coding, public speaking, graphic design, or welding – can give you a leg up on the rest of the applicants. The secondary benefit is that making the effort to learn new skills shows hiring managers and prospective employers that you are introspective enough to recognize your shortcomings and motivated enough to take the necessary steps to overcome them. Review the requirements of your target job, determine which skills you need to gain, find out how you can learn them. Consider community colleges, trade schools, and online programs. 

Pursue an Internship

Many colleges and universities require students to complete internships in order to receive a diploma, but those positions aren’t limited to students. Look for a company in your industry or one where you would like to work and inquire about possible internships. It is a smart strategy great way to gain experience, learn new skills, network with important people, and pad that resume. And if you do an exceptional job and impress the right people, you could earn a job offer.


Not only does can volunteering help you develop soft skills such as communication, organization, teamwork, and problem-solving, it is a great way to network with people you would not have met otherwise. Contributing to the community demonstrates that you are thoughtful, selfless, and altruistic, all good qualities when it comes to hiring. 

Find Relevant Contract Work

If you have skills that could be valuable, consider working as a consultant, a handyman, or contractor in your field. Even those smaller, short-term jobs can help you develop valuable experience and might even introduce you to someone who can help you find a permanent position. 

Develop a Hobby

Common wisdom says to exclude most hobbies from your resume, but if your interests are relevant to the position you’re seeking, or shows that you are hard-working and determined, it may make sense. Most companies are seeking candidates with personality, passion, and real interests.


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