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Why You Should Support the Career Development of Your Employees

You hire people for specific roles for which they have the required education, skills and experience. If they are successful in their current role, why should you support their career development? Won’t they outgrow their current position, leaving you with a gap to fill? That is a possibility, but not something you can control. With the current situation that we are in, it’s extremely important to be able to attract and retain high-performing employees.

High-performing employees will never be satisfied with the status quo, but if you are instrumental in their development, you increase the chances that they will choose to build their careers within your company. Internal promotion is a much more desirable outcome than losing them to another organization that offers more in terms of opportunities to take the next step in their career. As we come out of our current economic crisis and pandemic,  will you be ready for the recovery with the right people in the right seats?

What Are the Benefits of Supporting Your Employees’ Careers?

1. Build a talent bench 

It’s often simpler and less risky to promote from within than it is to hire from the outside. Current employees understand your company mission and culture. Each promising employee should have a path or several possible paths that they are trained to take on. Then when positions come open, you can immediately slot a qualified employee into the roleYou’ll be prepared for growth, large projects, succession planning, or whatever eventualities may arise. You can backfill those vacancies more easily from outside the company that you can the higher-level positions. 

2. Keep employees motivated 

Boredom on the job is lethal. Even a great job can be tedious when done day after day with no end in sight. Keep employees engaged and moving forward with training that can keep their skills up to date and increase their job satisfaction. Ask them to share what they have learned with their coworkers. Choose development and training opportunities with goals or milestones so that employees have something to work toward. It can help them to feel excited about working for your company and avoid burnout. While many of us are working remotely, keeping your team motivated will include much more and better communication in order to keep them engaged, on-mission, and productive.  Communication drives culture – and when we’re physically separated – its important to communicate in a way that fosters the culture you want and need.

3. Improve retention 

Your natural reaction may be that employees who improve their skills will take their skills to another employer. As long as internal opportunities are available, and you encourage employees to take the next step, they are more likely to stay with the company. If they are treated well, their values are aligned with the company and the compensation package is competitive, chances are they will prefer to stay. Also, employees who feel valued in the workplace are more likely to refer friends and colleagues to the company.   

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