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How Can You Be More Creative at Work?

When people discuss creativity, they often believe it is a quality limited to artists, but that is not the case. Any time when you are innovative or resourceful, you are creative. Scientists working on a cure for diseases are creative. Engineers are creative in solving problems. Even individuals with careers in business are creative. It is evident when they develop new approaches to help customers, generate revenue or anticipate market demands. 

How can you be more resourceful on the job? 

Increase your skills 

Do not always focus on what abilities you may lackconsider instead about how you can hone and add onto your current skillset. Take the time to take a career inventory of the experience you have gained over the years. How can you take those skills to the next level? Investigate additional training you can take on to make your skills more marketable in today’s workplace.  

Rethink your skills 

If you’ve always worked in the same industry or department, brainstorm other sectors where your expertise may be welcome. In most cases, skills are transferrable, so when you are ready for a new opportunity, do some research on where your skills will fit. Maybe you can work for the manufacturer of your favorite product, with a non-profit that aligns with your values, or a start-up where you can get in on the ground floor. 

Take on new challenges 

Volunteer for projects, even if they are outside your comfort zone. You may find something unexpected to enjoy and show others in the company that you are more resourceful than they knewIt is a low-risk way to explore your options and view your skills in a new setting. 

Get creative in your job search 

Thinking about a career change? Temporary jobs can offer the opportunity to leverage your skills in a new environment without worrying about getting stuck in a position that is not the right fit. Or be willing to take a small salary cut if it means a shorter commute, better benefits or getting your foot in the door with your dream employer.  

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